This is totally wrong…

…and funny.

From the creative miscreants at E!’s The Soup:

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Picking through the bones

There’s really nothing sadder than the tail end of a “Going Out Of Business” sale.  Looking at the ransacked store, paying the employees who are going through the motions before their next job, trying to find something worth paying 30 cents on the dollar for… well, I did that tonight at CompUSA.  Just a few months after their wild Thanksgiving night, the one-time computer superstore leader is down to less than 48 hours before it’s all over.

One thing I can tell you… there’s nothing left.  There were a few display laptops (with missing keys), some old training computers, a lot of unsaleable junk (it’s really amazing how many copies of Norton Utilities are being dumped at 70% off)… but the good stuff left the building over the last couple of weeks.

No word as yet as to what might be renting the CompUSA store… with the mad building binge just a mile or so to the west, I’m not sure there’s anyone left to take the space.

With the economy trying desperately to tank, there’ll be more GOB sales to come (can’t forget A&N going under, either, and Movie Gallery is shutting down some stores).

Words about words

On my MySpace, I “declared” Friday, Feb. 15, as “Singles Day”.  What I didn’t know is that there are already Singles Days “celebrated” on October 1, and November 11; and I was far from the first to attempt to take the day after VD for singles.   We need to get this more organized for 2009.  I want a day with Hallmark cards and sappy songs for singles, just like VD is for couples.

But I digress… I’m really sitting here at the radio station blogging because I wanted to mention a couple of books I read lately…

Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why The Arguments For God Just Don’t Add Up by John Allen Paulos (who wrote Innumeracy, about “mathematical illiteracy”): if you’re religious, this book may challenge you.  If you’re not, this book will support you.  Paulos explains, and deconstructs, most of the arguments used by believers to “prove” the existence of a deity.  He doesn’t take himself seriously, but he applies serious logic that may be difficult to counter… if you don’t want to think about your beliefs, don’t read the book. 🙂

Where Did I Leave My Glasses?: The What, When, and Why of Normal Memory Loss by Martha Weinman Lear: Hey, I’m in my mid-40’s.  You don’t think my occasionally scattered mind worries me?  The good news, according to Lear, it’s actually both normal and “not scary” for memory to get a little shorter as one gets older.  Apparently, the brain actually… *gasp*… ages

Both are short books and a quick read… they’re worth a little time.

Oh well… the basketball game is back, so it’s time for me to get back to work.  Until next time…

Happy Thursday!

OK… and if it means something to you, happy Valentine’s Day, too.

As for me… just another Thursday in the life… 🙂