Improv: Act Two

It’s been a while since I’ve taken to the blog, because it’s usually easier for me to write even long-form posts on Facebook.

So I’m saving this for things that are important enough to bookmark, I guess.  And what’s happening as this post goes up on my blog is pretty important to me.  It does require some exposition first.  You can skip the indented paragraphs if you realize you know the back story… 🙂

It started in January, when I finally made the decision to take an improv class instead of thinking about taking one.  I signed up for, and took, the Winter 2016 Improv 101 class at CSz Richmond.

It turned out to be a terrific experience for a number of reasons – my classmates are a fun bunch of people that I really enjoy spending time with… one of my favorite people from my first time around at CSz, Jenni Goldsby, came in midway through to play with us… and Christine Walters is a very patient instructor. 🙂

As is the tradition, the 101 class ends with a showcase show…

…and this is where we bring everyone back in.  A week before that showcase, Christine emailed the class and asked a question — would we be interested in a different path?  Ordinarily, at the showcase, the Minor League watches and extends invitations to those players they’d like to add.

Christine simply asked… what if…?

Well, we accepted.  All but one, and it was his schedule that was the problem.

As to the rest of us?  We went into the showcase without thinking about invitations to the existing Minor League.  That’s because we already knew we were going to be a new second Minor League.  And tonight’s our first practice.  It’s starting right about the time this blog hits WordPress.

Yes, that’s the headline, all the way down here — because our group gelled so well, we were given the opportunity to found our own Minor League Team (creatively named “Minor League Team 2” because what else could we do, really?).   Christine’s our head coach, Jenni is our assistant coach.

We are a while away from another show.   We have a lot to learn before we can put on a ComedySportz match — the structure and format, and most of the trademark games, to start… so I would think we’re not going to premiere as MLT2 for a few months.  Of course, I’ll keep you posted.

So this was the second act I hinted at all along.

If I’m being totally honest, my interest is more in refereeing (hosting) than playing — but one step at a time.  I had to establish my mediocrity as a baseball player before I went into umpiring 40 years ago… I can do something similar here.  I’m just going to enjoy my weekly get-togethers with my new team and see where it goes.

There’s something still a bit surreal about people I’ve watched (and whose talent I’ve admired) for some or all of the last… 13??? … years telling me they can’t wait to see me perform (or who came to the showcase and said all those really nice things).  Thanks to everyone who’s supported my first steps into doing improv — you can’t imagine how much that’s helped.

Time to go warm up, I think.  Practice is starting… 🙂


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