The most hungriest time of the year…

I’ve wanted to write about this each year, but figured “no, it’s too out there for most of my friends”.

Not this year.

This Saturday, for the third (?) year running, I’ll be taking part in my friend Scott Seal’s annual tradition, Breakmas.  It’s always held the Saturday before Christmas, in the morning, at a semi-randomly selected McDonald’s.

See, the idea is to get friends together over a Big Breakfast (pronounced, for reasons I won’t get into, “Big Bruffus”) and celebrate the start of the week before the holiday.  (I know the first half of that sentence is true.  The second half?  Sure, why not?)

The best part about it is that Scott encourages his friends to celebrate it anywhere that morning (of course, “anywhere” should be interpreted as “any McDonald’s”).  Then you post your Breakmas pictures, and you’re part of the day.

I think I like the idea of having a patently silly idea (I mean, do YOU think of McDonald’s and the holidays together?) work out as a way to celebrate friends, especially if it’s ones that you don’t see all that often.

So yeah, I’ll be at the Virginia Center McDonald’s on Saturday morning around 9.  I expect to see a couple of our mutual friends from wrestling, and a bunch of Scott’s friends that I don’t know.  At least, that would match up with the first couple of Breakmases I was part of.

If you happen to be near there, and don’t mind hanging with a bunch of new friends you don’t yet know, c’mon by.

If not… there are about a gazillion McDonald’s.  Find one, grab some friends, and have a Big Bruffus (and post your pictures!).

Or come up with your own offbeat holiday tradition.  Then write about it. 🙂  I’ll read it, I promise.

Do you have a slightly-nontraditional holiday tradition?


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