Oh, hi there…

I haven’t been around much. Sorry about that. Let me catch up…

  • It’s been a weird time at ComedySportz.  Equal parts satisfaction and confusion for the last few months.  I did win a couple of Groucho Awards (the theatre’s annual internal awards show) — one for Announcer of the Year (voted by the ensemble) and one for helping keep our social media active in 2014 (from management).  So that felt good, but there’s been more than a couple nights where I walk out of there feeling far less connected… now I know that’s at least partially in my own head, but I don’t know… I can’t always get a read on where I fit in.  There are many other nights where it’s all good, so… yeah.
  • I reposted my “Loyalest of Loyal Fans” post from 2 years ago today.  It got a lot of views, but I don’t know if anyone got why I posted it.  I’ll just explain here what I said through Timehop – “there are times where I wish I’d just left well enough alone”.  I do wonder what’s going on in the alternate universe where I didn’t go back into the announce booth…
  • My other sideline has been busy, as usual at this time of year.  1-2 VCU games a week on 107.3 BBT (off-air production, so don’t tune in hoping to hear me).  The season is winding down, and will be over within a month.  Then I have to decide if I want to hang on to the 2 hours per week of the non-VCU work I’ll be doing, or just give that back and come back as a freelancer in November for the 2015-16 VCU season.  It would be weird to know that I could have actual weekends again – I haven’t had that since the radio gig started in 2003.
  • And the day job carries on as it always does.  They appreciate my work, and I think I’ll do OK in the seemingly never-ending review process (it started in December and may be done by April).  I’ll probably get a small raise, enough to cover my annual rent increase…

I’ll tell one other anecdote and wrap this up… I discovered today that I’d been blocked on Facebook by someone tangentally connected to one of the above pastimes (nope, not going to be TOO specific, sorry).  Now they say that on Facebook, you can’t tell if you’ve been blocked.  Well, that’s completely wrong — if you’re blocked by someone who interacted heavily enough with your friends.  When that person’s name is no longer clickable and their comments disappear from posts where you’d both commented, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put the pieces together.

Of course, I do have a second account that I use just to check on possible blocks.  I try to be thorough.  So yeah, this one is confirmed.

I’m just puzzled as to why.  This wouldn’t be the first time in recent memory someone decided I wasn’t worth their friendship (although it appears to be only the second block, usually it’s just a Facebook unfriending).  Now I’m opinionated, but I thought that was obvious already.  I always wonder what I said or did to provoke either a block, an unfriending, or the termination of an offline friendship.  So far, I’ve never gotten an answer.  I probably never will, which is kind of a problem, because I really would like to learn from my mistakes — but if I don’t even know what the mistake is…

…and, to be honest, if someone blocks me on Facebook, they have pretty much ended any chance of later rekindling a friendship.  Blocking someone is utterly dehumanizing.  It’s a statement that the person you’re blocking is so toxic that you can’t abide their presence.  There’s really no coming back from that.  Now I have used Facebook blocks on trolls, because I really DON’T want to deal with them again.  But I have never blocked someone if I thought there was a chance of fixing the problem — because they’re still people and deserve that much validity.  I can avoid them without negating them.

To each their own, I guess.  But I’d rather risk seeing a name pop up that I’m not terribly happy with than to declare them a non-person.

Ah well… The Voice starts in 40 minutes.  Time to get my snacks ready and prepare for Xtina’s return to the judge’s chairs.

Oh… speaking of karaoke shows, keep an eye on Rayvon Owen on American Idol this spring.  He’s from Richmond, and he did a show at CSzRVA last summer as he prepared for the audition process — I ran tech for that show.  Hell of a singer and really easy to work with.  Making the Top 24 will be good for him, but there’s a lot more potential there.  Vote for him if you are into the show.  As you know, I used to be, but with more of my Wednesdays and Thursdays spoken for, I won’t be blogging — I will be watching when I have time to catch up on the DVR, though.

See you at CSz Richmond sometime?


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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