The June Post

Getting my monthly blog post out of the way, but there’s no drama here this time… 🙂

But there is some stuff to talk about.

The Day Job: That “big thing” I hinted at in past posts — it’s not happening.  I had applied to move into the currently-vacant Senior Help Desk Analyst position at the firm helpdesk, but after a long interview process, the firm is going with an outside candidate.  I get to keep doing what I’m doing, and in this day and age, that’s good enough.

The Radio Stations: Our GM left last week.  No word on why, and it would be unsporting to speculate.  There are a lot of people who think the new ownership will take the keys this month, though, so… maybe that’ll mean more for me to do.  Or less.  Or nothing will change.  Such is how new ownership works in radio, it seems — because the new ownership really can’t even speculate until the FCC blesses the deal and allows the transfer of the licenses, we get no advance warning.  One day soon, Alpha Media will take over the stations from Main Line Broadcasting, and we’ll see what happens then.

CSz: I’m over last month’s meltdown, for the most part.  In the end, I surprised myself with how angry I got… I really believed I had gotten past my temper, for the most part.  But that’s not the focus right now… we’re a couple of weeks away from some rebranding and reimaging… new logo, new naming standards… basically, a commitment to the idea that ComedySportz is a show, and CSz Richmond (for example) is a place.   It’s a good idea — most CSz theatres do shows that aren’t all family friendly, but the ComedySportz brand is family-friendly.  So… separating the show (ComedySportz) from the theatre (CSz) should allow the 24 member theatres to do more shows without confusing the primary brand.  I’m just looking forward to rolling out the new imaging — it’s always fun to have new toys to play with.

If nothing else, I’m keeping busy.   I’ve got stuff lined up all week this week (and then I’m taking a week off from work in two weeks so I can give myself a week with nothing to do — go figure).

So yeah, there’s a lot of “holding pattern” stuff going on.  At least this is a positive holding pattern.  It could be worse (and it has been).   As always, keep an eye on my Facebook for my day-to-day meanderings (and if I know you and we’re not Facebook friends, my bad — please feel free to help fix that).

Until next time…


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