Seemingly-required Monthly Blog

And we’re back.

Really, if you’re not following me on Facebook, you’re missing out as most of what used to go here goes there.

But I did want to catch up a bit, since I left some storylines dangling last time I blogged.

The Day Job: I mentioned something big might be happening there… momentum on it seems to have slowed a bit, but I figure I’m not far from finding out.  I suppose it won’t really cause any problems to note that it’s a promotion that I applied for and feel like I’m the best fit for.  Part of the problem is that we’re in the middle of annual reviews and I think that process has overwhelmed the move toward hiring for the vacant position.  Or, in short, stuff happens.

The Radio Job: Still no official word that Main Line’s been sold to L&L.  There’s been some unofficial contact, but we’re kind of waiting.  On one hand, management has told us that the deal is on.  On the other hand, no press release, lots of “no comment” to the trades, and not a lot of word from either side… uncertainty isn’t fun.

And with VCU’s unexpected early exit from the NCAA tournament, I’m now into spring/summer mode — two short production sessions each weekend.   The good part is that I can probably take the occasional weekend off (moving my work to a weeknight on either side of the weekend) without undue angst.  The bad part is that automation is encroaching on my weekly work.  I have some time, I think, but I do have to wonder what’ll happen when L&L does eventually take over.

In the end, I think I’ll be OK.

The fun part: ComedySportz Richmond gave out its annual Groucho Awards (after a couple of delays) on March 19.  Ironically, the first of the three awards that I got to present was the same award I presented at the 2005 awards, Best All-Star Team.  The difference this time?  At the 2005 awards, I was already on the edges of the burnout that would directly lead to the end of my time there a few months later.  This year?  I’m having as much fun at CSzRVA as I have ever had at anything.

I’ve been voicing shows every weekend I’m available.  I’ve had some small input into the creative process for IMPROV ARENA.  I’ve developed some truly fulfilling friendships (one in particular, and you know who you are), and after decades of waiting for the other shoe to drop on everything I’ve ever done… well, I feel like I have the home-away-from-home I wasn’t always sure I was looking for.

Oh, and they even gave me a Groucho.  Yeah, I suppose I should mention that.  “Best Mr./Ms. Voice” for 2013.  I’m still kind of giddy, and surprised, and thrilled… the trophy is nice (and it looks cool on top of my TV!).  The respect behind the trophy is humbling — and awesome.

Of course, more importantly, I got to present those three awards.  They say it’s better to give than to receive.  Last Wednesday night, that was absolutely true.

I’m starting to feel comfortable enough with my work at Voice that I can start figuring out next steps.   I’m nowhere near ready to actually do improv.  That’s a long way away, if it ever happens.  I have a lot of work to do to get there.

However, there is an intermediate goal that I’d like to figure out how to start working towards.  ComedySportz shows are hosted by a referee — and I think that’s where I want to get to.  My theory is that someone with enough experience at hosting (and I have that wrestling and radio background) can learn the pacing of an improv show (and I do have the voice experience to call on for that) and be a functional referee.   I think getting on-stage and presenting awards last week was a good first step – I walked on-stage and the world didn’t end.  I can build on that, I think.  I’d like to try.

Whether it’s even possible is something I’m not sure of.   It’s kind of backwards from the improv tradition, that you work your way up to hosting from playing.  But I’m going to keep the door open on this, explore how we could make this work, and set that as a goal.

It’s not even the craziest idea that’s come up for me at CSzRVA — one of my friends has an idea that, if it even gets close to happening, will be perhaps the most insane thing I’ve ever attempted.   Nope, you don’t get any other details.  If this comes off, I’ll let you know.

Ahead: The Voice live shows start soon.  I may do the recaps — while I think American Idol has finally jumped the shark, I miss the weekly recap/prediction cycle, and I can do Monday/Tuesday nights.   So yeah, that may be a thing.   After that?   We’ll see.   Stick around (or friend me on Facebook for live play-by-play)… 🙂

If nothing else, if I get moving on them, the Voice posts will mean it’s going to be less than a month until we meet again.


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