Thanksgiving 2013

As my Facebook status today, I wrote…

That’s kind of general, so how about a few specifics?  I’m thankful for my family… even though I only see them once (or, this year in my parents’ case, twice) a year.

I’m thankful for my long-term friendships (there are actually people who’ve been around part of my life for 15, 20… almost 25 years!).  Yeah, it’s like a lot of long-term friendships, we see each other mostly on Facebook, but it still counts…

And I’m thankful, this year, for the extended family I’m finding in the Richmond improv community in general and ComedySportz specifically.   Having something to look forward to each weekend makes getting through the week that much easier – having the chance to play from the Voice Box at CSz is better still.   Even with some of the challenges (documented over the last few months of posts), it’s still the best part of my week, every week.

Of course, with today being Thankgiving (a day of traditions), it was all about my own little tradition.  With no immediate family in RVA, I’ve generally done  a turkey buffet somewhere… for a couple of years, before it went up in a fog of debt and taxes, it was The Republic… but most years, I wind up at…

My own Thanksgiving Tradition?!?

Don’t laugh.   They do a really good buffet… and it’s always fun to people-watch while eating.  Or, like this year, I can be people-watched.  There was a woman in a nearby booth who was staring at me like I’d insulted her — I don’t think I had, but you never know.  One table down was the group that was telling the waitress that the food really wasn’t all that great — just after they’d finished shoveling it down like there was a time limit.

Now I can imagine any number of people, after reading this, who’ll say “you could’ve come over for my Thanksgiving”.  And while I appreciate the offers when they do come, I have never accepted one.

Thanksgiving dinner is as much about the stories and the family moments as it is about turkey.   You know, the stories where you get as far as “Remember that time with the thing?” and everyone’s laughing.  Well, try being the stranger struggling to keep up with those stories… or, worse, you don’t tell them because you don’t want to talk, in front of someone who doesn’t know them, about the time Aunt Myrtle had one too many glasses of wine and had to be rescued from a face-plant into the gravy bowl, or Uncle Nathan went out for a long pass in the family touch football game and wiped out an entire row of hedges…

Nah, that makes what should be a very comfortable family meal VERY uncomfortable.  So… thanks, in advance, for the offers that’ll be made for Thanksgiving 2014, but I’ll be happy to tuck into a booth at Shoney’s instead…

Oh, hey, Selena Gomez just finished lip-synching the halftime show in Dallas… football’s about to restart again.  Talk soon, OK?


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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