50? FIFTY?

Normally, I don’t mention my birthday on my birthday – basically, I want to let you guys have first shot before I say anything.

But since this is a milestone – 50 (aargh!) – I’m breaking that tradition.

A couple of weeks ago, I started writing what was going to be a catch-all post (you know, my usual random meanderings), and wrote most of this post – when I realized it needed to be a separate item.  So I parked it for publication today instead.

The fact that I hit 50 today got me to thinking where I’d been on the days of my other ends-in-zero birthday…

  • 9/22/1963 – I was being born.   I showed up on a Sunday morning at 10:59am at Terrace Heights (now Holliswood) Hospital in Hollis, Queens, NY.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • 9/22/1973 – I was three weeks into my 6th-grade year at P.S. 33 in Queens Village, NY.  Yes, I turned 10 during my 6th-grade year.  As I’ve mentioned before, I skipped a grade and was already kind of young for my grade (that whole September-birthday thing).
  • 9/22/1983 – I’d have been in the second of my two semesters at Queens College of the City University of New York.  This went nowhere, in the end, as I decamped for broadcasting school in January ‘84 (and regretted it by January ‘85).
  • 9/22/1993 – I would have just started at Fair Lanes Bolingbrook (that’s Bolingbrook, IL, as opposed to any other similarly-named town).  Fair Lanes was experimenting with a manager-free team structure – my position was called “Guest Host” (I think it was for Operations, but it was such a silly format that I don’t remember).  Basically, the bar, snack bar, front-end, and back-end (machines/scoring) each had a Guest Host, and all of them were equal – which meant nobody was really in charge.  There are some who believe that this format hastened Fair Lanes’ failure and merger into AMF.  I think, in the end, it proved I wasn’t cut out for retail management.
  • 9/22/2003 – A little over two years in with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (about a year after the Anthem/Trigon merger that happened after Trigon failed to acquire another Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, and threw in the towel).  We hadn’t made it to the building everyone in Richmond knows as the Anthem building (the Davis Center at Staples Mill and Broad) – “we” being the Anthem helpdesk.  We were still in the Holland Park complex, behind a locked door.
  • 9/22/2013 – Today.  Also a Sunday.  It’ll be a quiet day, after I ran a live training session for board operations for Richmond football (against Liberty) last night, and then went on to spend the first hour or so of my birthday with some good friends from ComedySportz.  The irony there is that it wasn’t my birthday gathering (as I hadn’t planned on one)… but it was for a birthday.   One of my CSz teammates, Zach Arnold, celebrates his birthday tomorrow – but realizing that actually celebrating a birthday on a Monday takes out most of the fun, he and his girlfriend (fellow CSz’er Kristen Peacock) had a get-together at Capital Ale House tonight… which allowed me to pass through midnight on the morning of my 50th with them and a few of our friends.

Considering that my 49th birthday was spent at an all-day department meeting at the law firm, I’d say my 50th got off to a far better start. 🙂

As to the rest of the day… this will actually post while I’m at the radio station (as I have delayed it until 50 years to the minute from my arrival) but after that, my only plans are to do nothing for the rest of the day.  Well, I’ll watch RedZone, but that’s about it.  I also have the week off from work, with my parents coming through town for part of that week, so I get a few days to enjoy my birthday before reality checks back in next week.

Happy Sunday!


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