Another Richmond Improv Weekend (Aug. 22-24)

Because I like making myself crazy… er… because I like the Richmond improv community enough to drive all over the metro to see (and voice) shows… and because I can, dagnabbit (get off my lawn!)…

Anyway, it’s an extremely busy weekend for Richmond improvisers (and fans, one hopes), and it starts tonight… here, let me spell it out for you:


ComedySportz Improv Theatre – I’m voicing the ComedySportz League Showcase.  To be honest, I’m not fully up on the casting for the show, because I just got the assignment… 🙂 but I gather there are Major and Adult Rec (Team 8:31) players involved.  If you want to know more, just come out to the West End and check it out. 7:30pm, $5.  Details at


CSzIT – Two shows: at 8, it’s the third Arnold-Off, as our two Arnolds (Zach and Emily – not related for those who don’t already know that) do battle over their mutual last name.  The loser has to bill themselves with a last name selected by the Loyal Fanz during the show… and use it until the *next* Arnold-Off (Emily was Schloschenhaufer [or something like that] after Arnold-Off I, Zach’s been a Bartleby for the last 6 months).  Arnold-Off II ended with a bit of shenanigans (about which I deny everything; even so, I won’t be there); and the ref from II has been exiled to Voice for III.  8:00pm, $12.  After that, it’s some of my favorite people, Overtime Improv, in their monthly medium-form show (the theme this time is “OT Book Club”) that isn’t quite as family-friendly.  10:15pm, $5 (I’ll be there).

Coalition Theater – One show.  But it’s going to be fun – long-time Richmond improviser and current member of the US Air Force Matthew Wheeler is the subject of “Richmond Famous”, where Matthew will tell three stories about his life and the Coalition ensemble will do improv sets based on those stories.  8:00pm, $10 (I’ll see you there, too).

HATTheatre – One show, as West End Comedy sends the kids back to school with a family-friendly set.  7:30pm, $7/$5.


CSzIT – The day starts with me in the Voice Box for CSzRVA’s High School League (4pm, $5).  The evening brings two Ladies Night shows — as the men of CSzRVA take the stage for both shows.  7:00pm/9:30pm, $12.

Coalition – Two shows: first, it’s a Riot! as two of the Coalition’s house teams do long-form sets (8pm, $10).  Then, founding team Middle Management (more accurately, they’re the three people at the heart of the Coalition) brings a few friends in for a set at 10:00 pm ($5).

HATTheatre – One show.  West End Comedy’s back-to-school weekend concludes with a mature-audiences show (and I’ll be part of that audience).  7:30pm, $7/$5

OK, so for those of you following along, THIS is the schedule I’m doing to myself: voicing at CSzIT tonight; Coalition Theater early, CSzIT late tomorrow; voicing at CSzIT matinee, HATTheatre early-evening, and TBD (either of the late shows, still haven’t decided) late.

Yes, I really do enjoy it that much.  Everyone has a hobby, I suppose.  Mine is chasing improv around Richmond.  Hope you have as much fun with your hobbies as I do with mine… 🙂 and maybe I’ll slow down enough to see you at a show this weekend?


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