Six Months On

Friday, December 28, 11:55 pm, CSz Improv Theatre: It’s a cold December night, but the conversation outside the theatre is going on hot and heavy, as Thomas George again holds court after another successful Overtime Improv show.  It’s a fairly vivid mental picture actually… cigarette in his hand, huge smile on his face (as always), talking about how proud he is of his fairly-new medium-form improv group, and his plans for 2013.

Friday, June 28, 11:55 pm, CSz Improv Theatre: The cast and audience have pretty much left after another successful Overtime Improv show.  At this point, it’s down to me, Travis Williams, and Emily Arnold; and a bit of quiet conversation.

And I’ll switch back to normal blog mode now.

Yes, last night was 6 months from the last conversation I had with Thomas.  Exactly 6 months to the day and date… funny how calendars work…

Anyway, I kind of planned it that, as was going to be at the theatre anyway, I wanted to be in that same location, at that same time, for… well, I’m not sure what I was looking for.  Closure?  Contrast?

What I found was just… a kind of emptiness, really.  As I walked out of the theatre, I looked at the place I would’ve seen Thomas last… just another random empty spot on an empty sidewalk in an empty suburban strip mall now.

Then I turned around to a reminder of what I should have focused on.

Travis and Emily are two of a number of people I never would have known (or reconnected with) if I hadn’t known Thomas.   I’m not going to list you all, because I will invariably leave someone out.  And if you’re asking if you’re one of them, you probably are.

So perhaps that’s what I was looking for — direction.  I was looking backwards when I needed to be looking forward — to new friends (and old), the opportunity to be around Richmond’s improv community again, and (sometime soon, I hope) another chance to work with them from the tech booth.

It’s been part of my philosophy that nobody is ever truly gone as long as there are people here to remember them.  I guess that’s the real reminder of last night.   Thomas may not be here, but he’s never really gone anywhere.

And a related request: the Comedy Fest fundraiser to help Thomas’ family pay off the expenses of losing a son and brother won’t be until September, but if you’re motivated to help a little, stop by the YouCaring site.  Thanks!

Update: There is a possibility that the above may have inspired this. If so, I’d say Zach said it far better than I could have. Go read it.


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