American Idol 12: One Domino Falls (Finals Round 9 Results)

Randy Jackson quit Idol today.  Yeah, that happened.  It’s official at the end of the season, of course, and it’s the first of many personnel moves you can expect – if Idol even shows up next season.

THIS! … is American Idol!

And we start with a plug for the new animated feature “epic”.  This is why Idol may limp back for season 13 – infinite promotional tie-in possibilities… and cue the titles…

Within the opening banter, there was a somewhat oblique reference to Jackson’s departure.

Then they let the girls sing Selena Gomez & the Scene’s “Who Says” with the audio completely screwed up.  This is a singing competition, they say.   To the audio techs – YOU HAD ONE JOB.

BREAK!!!  And Seacrest lies about “results right after the break”.  I mean… really?

And we’re back for another insipid Ford video.  Good thing I’m in DVR mode…

They’re apparently going to do a montage for each of last night’s rounds.  Sadly, this probably means a triple-dose of Jimmy Iovine (#firejimmy).  So we have the Round One (Iovine’s mediocre picks) montage now…


Season 11’s Jessica Sanchez is visiting on her way to Glee… and season 10’s Lauren Alaina is back to sing as part of Idol Throwback Thursdays (and the audio guys screwed up the start of her montage, too)… she’s doing “Barefoot and Buckwild”, the first single from her pending second album.  Interestingly, it looks like she’s trying to reinvent herself as Carrie Underwood…

BREAK!!! Another results tease.  They’re not happening after this break (well, not immediately after this break…)

OK, so they’re not cancelling Idol.  Audition dates were announced coming out of the break.

We get the Judges’ Choice montage, and more flatulence from Iovine… skipping…

So while the girls continue to sit and wait, we get a chance to see Mariah Carey teach “Music Video 101” to the semifinalists.  This, of course, leads into the new video for “#Beautiful” (feat. Miguel).  Well, it’s supposed to be her new video, but Miguel does the real heavy lifting in the song.  She dances a lot… certainly showing how well she bounced back after her twins were born… but it kind of feels like a Miguel video with Mariah guest-starring.


38 minutes in.  Time for another alum update – checking in on VFTW’s favorite Glambert – of course, it’s season 8’s Adam Lambert, with footage from a Singapore stop on his world tour.  Since he’s doing an appearance at the finale, we get Alicia Keys doing “Tears Always Win” tonight.  Seems like an adequate trade off…


Producer’s Choice montage and a lot more Jimmy Iovine… fast-forward is a gift…

50 minutes in… and now we get down to the alleged business at hand.  But first, he lets the girls say their goodbyes… and then springs result #1…

  • The first finalist… is… Candice Glover.
  • Right now, I’m guessing that means Angie goes home.


55 minutes in… the stall is on as Seacrest ambles over to two very nervous young women…

  • The second finalist… is… … … Kree Harrison.
  • Angie Miller leaves Idol in third place.  The script rolls on…

Angie tries to sing us out, but she can’t get through the song for the tears… it’s portions of Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone”, I think.  but really, who expects a teenager to sing after falling at the last hurdle?  Oh, right, Idol does. 

Wednesday night, it’s Candice vs. Kree for the title of the twelfth Idol.  Next Thursday, it’s wretched excess at its best, with the two-hour-plus finale (which will be the sendoff for not only the second-place singer, but most of the on-camera staff of Idol).  See you then…


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