American Idol 12: Trudging To A Conclusion (Finals Round 8 Results)

There’s almost no suspense at this point… the remaining five shows pretty much write themselves.

Amber is almost certainly leaving tonight.  Next week, it’s Hometown visits and the usual three rounds – Jimmy Iovine’s Choice (WHY???), Judges’ Choice (keep an eye out for which judge doesn’t get to make a suggestion, it might be meaningful), Singer’s Choice (oh, this will be awful).

Then, in two weeks from last night, the one-hour final performances (favorite song from the season, new song, coronation song).    Two weeks from tonight, two hours of finale fluff leading to the 7 minutes that matter (just past 10pm EDT May 16), as either Kree or Candice gets a confetti shower and a release date for their first album (which is already in production, unlike past years).

But first, let’s get through the inevitable (although you know Seacrest will hype some kind of “major surprise” tonight!)…

THIS! … is American Idol!

The opening montage shows clips from Hometown Weeks past… and clips from last night… so who’s visiting home, and who’s going home?  Cue the titles…

After the usual teases, the Final Four sing “Crazy In Love” by way of tying in with the new The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack.

We then get a Summer Tour plug, but since they’re not coming to central Virginia… you can go to the Idol website for more details.


Back with more bad television from Ford.  *cough* I mean, the Ford Fiesta Mission segment, about which the less said the better.

And now, we pretend to do results.  We get one montage for all of the singers, featuring more pointless comments from the pointless Iovine.  Yes, I keep repeating that.  They’re trying to shove him down our throats, and I’m going to keep shoving back.

Interestingly, Iovine said Amber might have had an easier time if she had more time to learn her song.  Well, you pompous ass, whose fault is it that the girls DON’T have time to learn their songs???  They’re writing and singing their potential debut albums, doing press, doing those insipid Ford videos, and trying to rehearse for live performances too?!?!  Don’t criticize the singers for the structural flaws of the show.

Nope, no results.  Just a tease for Throwback Thursday on the way to…


And we return for a look back at the 7th Idol, David Cook, who then debuts his new single, “Laying Me Low”.

And with that…


Right back to a poorly-lit Seacrest (those spotlight operators shouldn’t be drinking on the job), it’s another Gatsby soundtrack single.  This time, it’s “Bang Bang” from  No interview, just a quick sprint to…


It’s another Throwback Thursday – we look back at the Idol Who Took Broadway, VFTW’s favorite greaseball, Constantine Maroulis.

Constantine’s not here, though, so instead, we hear from Harry Connick Jr., with “Every Man Should Know”, the title track to his new album.  At least he gets a brief interview (and more nonsense about his “issues” with Randy Jackson last night)… but, as always…


47 minutes in.  Maybe we get results?  Maybe?

Sure, but first, more filler with the judges, because reasons.

49 minutes in…

  • Angie is going home… with a camera crew, as she’s the first one saved.
  • Candice also gets the star treatment at home.  She’s safe. 
  • Amber and Kree go to center stage.  VFTW has a rooting interest (Kree).  But do we get results?  NOPE…


54 minutes in…

While Amber and Kree die quietly on stage, Randy Jackson filibusters.  We also get to hear from Mariah Carey and Keith Urban.   Finally…

  • After 81 million votes over two weeks…
  • Kree gets the hometown visit.  She’s safe.
  • To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Amber leaves season 12 in fourth place.  Let’s hope she finds her real voice far, far away from Jimmy Iovine.

For the first time this season, with no save and no shenanigans, the exiting contestant sings us out.   The singer Nicki Minaj called “a young Whitney Houston” exits with Whitney’s “I Believe In Me And You”.  The song never really ends, as Papa Holcomb comes on stage to collect his emotional daughter.

And then there were three.  See you Wednesday night.


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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