Not an Idol Blog: The Jeopardy! Audition

Trying to type out a blog post on a iPod Touch isn’t easy… but I want to do this while it’s on my mind… so here goes.

I’m in New York for the Jeopardy! auditions, having earned my way here by acing the online test in January. Yesterday and tomorrow are the travel days — separate post coming — but this was the business day of the trip.

As anyone who knows me might expect, I was early. 90 minutes early (maybe I was a little concerned…). But the appointed time, and about 20 other potential contestants, arrived. The contestant coordinators (yes, I am blanking on names… oops) started with pictures for the application files. I was kind of surprised to see an old-school Polaroid camera… but then again, you can’t staple a JPG to a piece of paper.

We then went into the conference room at the Sheraton NY Towers — like they need the plug — for a quick overview before the business at hand. The key note — by getting this far, we’re in the contestant pool for the next 18 months. The practical effect here is that I won’t be doing the 2014 online test. Otherwise, I’ll only find out how I did if I get the call to come to LA. If I don’t get that call by October 29, 2014, I can reapply.

We then took a written version of the 50-question test. I’d give you samples, but we were advised that’d be bad form as we might be helping other candidates take our spots. 🙂

The tests were graded — no, we didn’t get scores — and then we took turns playing a short mock game. Three of us were called up at a time, where we got to practice using the buzzers before doing a 10- to 12-question minigame, and then each of us did a version of the interview you see in the middle of round 1 on TV. This gives the coordinators a chance to see how we would react on-set (theoretically).

I was the third player in my group — which set up my interview nicely. Player #2 is an aspiring pro wrestler… and since I’d mentioned my past work as a ring announcer in my application, I got the easiest softball question I could’ve asked for when they turned to me…

Bottom line: on a knowledge basis, I know I can do this. I think I showed my personality off well… but one never knows. I’ve got a chance. That was really all I wanted.

But I can’t close this out without a huge “Thank You” to my friends, offline and (mostly) on Facebook, who have been incredibly supportive and kind from the online test onward. All of that support came with me to NYC — and you guys helped me immensely to be relaxed and ready for today’s audition. After all, with so many people telling me “you got this”… who was I to disagree?

Season 30 tapes starting in August… so the earliest I’d get a call would be mid-July. Obviously, you’ll know if/when that happens.

Back to Richmond tomorrow, and to blogging Idol on Wednesday. 🙂


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