Non-Idol Content: Jeopardy! & TGFest

I mentioned this in passing on an Idol blog last week… but I need to make a bigger deal of it.

For years, I’ve taken the annual Jeopardy! online test – the first step towards auditioning for the show.  And for years, I haven’t made the cut.

In January, I took this year’s test… and came out of the test convinced that this was the year.  I aced the test, I was sure of it, and it was just a matter of getting the audition.

It’s now official.  I’m going up to New York on April 29 to do the in-person audition.  It’s a closed audition, so to my NYC friends, sorry, you don’t get to watch.   But still… I’ll be doing another 50-question test, an interview, and a mock game.   Sounds daunting, right?  Sure, it is.  But there’s no pressure here.  I’ve already won.  I got the audition.  That’s the validation I’ve been going after.  Getting an invitation to LA would just be gravy.  Really, really tasty gravy…

…and there’s really no appropriate segue from gravy, is there?

But we move on… within a few days after Thomas George’s death in December, it was clear that the Richmond improv community was going to do something to remember him.  Well, it’s been announced.  The Thomas George Comedy Fest happens June 1-2 in Richmond (venues aren’t announced yet – but I have heard what the plans are, and if they happen, it’s going to be awesome).

From the beginning, I’ve asked members of the organizing committee to see if there could be something for me to do… I didn’t just want to stand by while everyone remembered Thomas.  But something’s changed… with the request for troupe submissions, the event’s tone has shifted a bit.  And as the event gets bigger, the place at the table for a non-performer gets proportionately smaller.

So I’m adjusting to the fact that I’ll be in the role Thomas knew me in best… ticket buyer.  And that’s not a bad thing.  It’s fitting, I suppose… mildly disappointing, as I really had hoped to have a more active role… but I look at it as ultimately self-inflicted, for reasons well-documented elsewhere on the blog.  As long as we all accomplish the two goals – entertain, and raise money for Thomas’ family – it’s all good…

Don’t get me wrong – if there’s a chance for me to plausibly help, I’ll be glad to.  This is just an acceptance of the most-likely outcome.

Speaking of Thomas, he’d done an episode of Scripps’ Skype-based game show Let’s Ask America last fall… I’ve been watching for any sign of it on their YouTube site, and a segment finally appeared today… so enjoy…

Trick or treat?

I’m back on Idol Patrol tomorrow night, with the Elite Eight doing Motown… see you then.


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