X-Factor II

I give up.

The whole point of competition shows like this is that people go home.  Eventually, you lose and you come back for the finale and you do the casino circuit for the rest of your life.

Last week on X-Factor, the judges had to cut one performer from each of their teams.

Tonight, in what was probably meant to be a “shocking swerve” but comes off as tired gimmickry, the contestant that Britney Spears sent home last week – legitimately, as best as I could tell – was brought back and wedged into the Top 12 to make it a Top 13.

I don’t know that this was the last straw… but it’s another reason I’m taking the fall/winter off from blogging either X-Factor or The Voice

There are other reasons… mostly, it’s a bit of a schedule crunch – one that I could’ve worked around were there enough motivation to do so.

Examples: the fact that there’s a Kardashian hosting X-Factor, and that there’s really nobody who jumps out at me on either show as a real star.

And the fact that there are two “mentors” on X-Factor who can barely mentor themselves, and who are ruining the talent they’re supposed to be helping.  If you’ve watched X-Factor, you know that they had a potentially legendary reality show villain in Cece Frey.  She came off as a manipulative, self-absorbed, viciously-competitive vixen.  She could have energized the show by disrupting it – getting in the other contestants’ heads and throwing them off their games.

Then Frey was assigned to the emotionally-scarred Demi Lovato.  Lovato – who, let’s keep in mind, has already been in rehab before she can legally drink – apparently is carrying the touchy-feely aspects of her rehab into the show.  She’s made it her personal crusade to make Frey “likable”.  This is like trying to make a Kardashian smart.  Noble, but doomed.  The only hope is that Frey will snap on Lovato – but honestly, I don’t know that the watered-down Frey can survive the audience vote long enough for the epic tirade to happen.

Over on The Voice, there’s too much of the judges, hardly enough of the contestants, and a badly drawn-out, robotically-formulaic production quality that can put viewers to sleep.  Then again, Carson Daly can put an insomniac to sleep, so… no surprise there, I guess.

I may drop in on them occasionally, but I’ve decided that the best way to avoid burning myself out is to save the heavy lifting for the 12th series of American Idol this spring. 

So for the two or three of you who care… sorry.  For everyone else… you probably didn’t get this far.


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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