Idol/X-Factor: FOX 2012-13 schedule

I have bad news.

Both the Fall run of X-Factor 2 and the Spring run of American Idol 12 are set for 2-hour performance shows on Wednesdays and 1-hour results shows on Thursdays.

I’m sorry.  I thought that FOX would learn from the plodding pace of the late-season 2-hour live shows (and the complete waste of airtime that is the 1-hour results show) that it might be time to find other programming that has the potential to sell advertising.

Because that’s why we have the bloated shows – FOX is making so much more on ads in X-Factor and Idol than they can on anything else (except the NFL) that the network simply can’t afford to cut the shows back.

I wonder if another WGWG winning Idol 11 (I am ignoring the pundits and looking forward to P2’s inevitable VFTW-fueled victory) and the currently-unknown eventual WGWG who wins X-Factor 2 (as the bored housewives and the tweens are sure to invade, just as they invaded season 2 of The Voice), will change the equation by the time we get to Idol 12.

And it’s not just FOX.  NBC is committing egregious acts of overkill, too.  They blew up the fun (and under-the-radar) Sing Off a-cappella group show in order to give The Voice two runs next season – then realized that their contracts don’t call for the coaches to do both series, leaving them scrambling to find a new panel of coaches for the Spring run (currently not announced, but I wouldn’t complain if they got Ben Folds and Sara Bareilles to participate).  The Voice 3 and The Voice 4 will run Mondays for 2 hours and Tuesdays for 1 hour (damn, THAT sounds familiar) starting in September.

I am 100% certain of this: at least one of these shows won’t be back in 2013-14.  Let’s see which one the American public gives up on first.


One Reply to “Idol/X-Factor: FOX 2012-13 schedule”

  1. First, I really enjoy your blog on this stuff. You watch the shows so I don’t have to, so thank you for that!

    Idol to me was, and always will be about Simon Cowell. When he left, I stopped watching. Oddly enough though, I have no interest in The X Factor and have never watched it. Would I still be watching Idol if Simon were still on the panel? Doubtful.

    The Voice is a show that I really liked in its first year, and then somewhere in the middle of this last run, I found myself completely bored by it. Also, I really just don’t like Adam Levine. Even the banter between Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo and Xtina seemed forced this year, so I stopped watching in April.

    If a whole new panel of judges is put in place for the spring 2013 run of The Voice, then I think the Voice will be the one show that won’t return. With Britney joining X Factor, the ‘Train Wreck Quotient’ will keep viewers interested for a little while.

    And, as much as I would like to see one of these shows die, I think they could be on the schedule for a few more years because, hard to believe, these shows pull in more viewers than most scripted television.

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