American Idol 11: Sixth Final Results

The “Judges’ Save” hangs heavily in the air… due to the disqualification of Jermaine Jones, the save isn’t optional this season.  At some point, the judges will have to concoct a reason to save someone, otherwise the season will be one week short of its schedule.  Will tonight be the night?  Will the producers’ pre-show tweets of a “shocking result” be true, or marketing hype?  And will we be frustrated by the massive amount of pointless filler during the hour?

I’m not sure of the first two questions but I have no doubt the answer to the third will be “yes”.

THIS! … is American Idol!

We open with the backstage montage from last night… with the tagline “Expect the Unexpected”.  They really are pushing the “shocking result” angle, no?

Oh, hey… they brought back the Awkwardly Lip-Synched Opening Group Performance (“Raise Your Glass” by Pink – a really appropriate song for a group that’s mostly underage!).  And this one may not have been fully lip-synched – Elise’s missed cue made that clear… and, of course, the incessant product placement continues with Ryan raising the official soft drink glass at the end of the song… on the way to…


Back with the Pointless Ford Music Video, with “Great Escape” by Boys Like Girls the victim this week.

Moving on to our next regular segment, Tweets From The Real Artists Covered By The Idols.

Colton got a prom invitation from a girl in Kansas – too bad he’s likely not interested in THAT way… Hollie also got an invitation to a formal that she might be a bit more interested in… Elise got jewelry from a fan (with a request to share with Steven Tyler)… all proof that some people’s sense of proportion is completely screwed up…

Time to dim the lights…

  • Hollie and Jessica get the call first, which means…
    • More bluster from the insufferable Iovine… #telljimmytostfu
    • Oh, it’s time for the “divide into groups” gimmick… so we won’t know the Bottom Three until late in the show.
    • Each singer starts a group.  One is in the Bottom Three, one isn’t.


…and they’re still plugging J-Lo’s failed Q’Viva project?

It’s Idol 10 alum time… James Durbin is here to sing “Higher Than Heaven”… and apparently has visited Colton’s hairdresser…

Break… as the group-building continues… next…

  • Phillip and Elise are up next…
    • #telljimmytostfu
    • Phillip joins Hollie’s group.
    • Elise joins Jessica’s group.
    • So either Phillip or Jessica is in the Bottom Three?  Is this the “shocking result”, or is a swerve coming?

Break… with another Idol alum waiting on the other side…

And man, is Idol proud of her, since she’s a Grammy and Oscar winner.  It’s Jennifer Hudson (with Ne-Yo, but he’s almost an afterthought here) with “Think Like A Man”.   Give her credit, she’s one of Idol’s biggest successes, and you have to give her credit for dropping so much weight… but I can’t forgive her (indirect) role in inflicting David Otunga on wrestling fans…


Three singers left to be grouped… the usual gimmick is to put two into groups and have the third (safe) singer pick the group he/she thinks is safe… here we go…

  • Joshua and Colton get the call… meaning that Skylar is almost certainly safe.
    • #noreallyjimmyshutupalready
    • Joshua goes to Team Jessica.
    • Colton goes to Team Hollie.
  • Skylar gets the call…
    • #throwjimmyunderthebus
    • Skylar tries to cheat by looking at Ryan’s notes… before being told she is the first contestant to be safe.  Told you.
    • And now, Skylar has to try to pick the “safe” group.  She refuses and goes right to the couches… so Ryan calls her back and puts her with Team Hollie.  Hollie, Phillip, and Colton are safeVFTW got their guy through…
    • Jessica, Elise, and Joshua are the Bottom Three.  And there’s your shocker – Jessica in the Bottom Three?  Not a shocker – Jimmy got the Bottom Three almost totally wrong.  Also not a shocker – the judges say America got it wrong, and Steven says in so many words that the Save will be used tonight.

Break… nobody gets the early “go back to the benches”… they’re trying to actually create tension?

  • Right back to the Bottom Three…
    • First to go back to the couches is Joshua – he’s safe.
    • Big surprise, one of the girls has to sing for her life.  I am so stunned by this…
    • …and Elise is… SAFE?  Wait… what is this I don’t know…
    • Jessica is singing for her life???  Bring on the Save, there is no way in hell they’re sending her home yet.

Jessica Sanchez – some song that she got maybe 8 bars into…
…before J-Lo orders the song to stop as the judges are marching up on stage to save Jessica right now.  This is all so spontaneous and so real that it makes “Real Housewives” look honest by comparison.  *cough*

Jessica gets to sing the show out – right after nearly being sent home.  Yeah.  That happened.

The commenter on last night’s blog – Denice – called it.  There is absolutely no way that Jessica was in the Bottom Three.  This was a put-up job in order to provide cover for a no-brainer use of the Save in order to keep the show on its schedule.  Keep in mind that unlike previous years, there won’t be a double-elimination week after the save.   They can’t – the show schedule is set in stone.  So we spent three long hours over two nights accomplishing absolutely nothing other than putting a ton of money in FOX and 19’s pockets.  I guess for them, it was successful.  For those who’d like to believe the fiction that this is a legitimate singing competition – not so much.  It’s a shame there’s nobody inside FOX, 19, or AT&T who’d be willing to leak the real results.   And if there is, you can email me.

Anyway, one thing you need to keep in mind… saved contestants haven’t won.  In season 8, Matt Giraud lasted 2 weeks after the save. In season 9, Michael Lynche made the top 4 before going home.   In season 10, Casey Abrams got saved very early and made the top 6.  It’ll be interesting to see how far Jessica gets, especially considering how blatant the manipulation was here.

So it’s the Top 7, Take Two, on Wednesday night.  At least we know that (1) someone will be eliminated, (2) it won’t be Jessica (the saved singer always gets a vote bounce the next week) and (3) the judges can’t stop it.  See you Thursday morning.


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

One thought on “American Idol 11: Sixth Final Results”

  1. “So we spent three long hours over two nights accomplishing absolutely nothing ” — This not only describes Idol, it also sums up Washington Capitals Playoff Hockey.

    Thank you for watching the show, so I don’t have to!

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