X-Factor House Cleaning plus an update

Since I spent the entire season calling for it, I should note that it happened today.

The Charisma Vacuum, Steve Jones, was fired from X-Factor USA.   Given that he seemed completely out-of-place, and had the hosting skills of a fencepost, this was a foregone conclusion.

The surprise of the day is that Nicole Scherzinger was allowed to “resign” from the show today as well.  I guess Simon likes her enough to let her quit rather than fire her.  Her waffling, her refusal to provide constructive criticism, and her overall flightiness wasn’t really useful to the show – they already have Paula Abdul for that.

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the American Idol 11 voting rounds – although after the first few audition shows, I have very low expectations for the season.  The contestants, for the most part, are incredibly average and utterly bland.  There’s been nothing even close to a breakout performer so far.  I am hoping that someone comes through in the Hollywood and Las Vegas rounds… and I’m sure FOX is, too, as ratings are down markedly from last year.  You have to wonder if FOX wishes that they had gotten Idol to cut the results show this year, instead of letting So You Think You Can Dance be the one to test that change…

And The Voice is back on Sunday night.  I’m more looking forward to that, just because the contestants won’t all be cookie-cutter Central Casting types.  That alone makes the show more interesting.

I really haven’t talked about it, because honestly it’s not my best work, but I am trying to impose a little discipline on my life by doing a daily blog as part of WordPress’ Project 365.  I’ve made it through the first month, somewhat disappointed at the fact the writing hasn’t been better, but glad I have otherwise been able to keep up with it… the blog features a song that went to #1 on the Billboard charts on that day in history.  If you want to look over my first 30 days of it… visit http://numberonetoday.wordpress.com.  I’m hoping that by the end, my writing will be better – or, at least, I’ll be more tolerant of it.   We shall see.

In other news, there is no other news.

Talk to you soon?!


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