Here’s a view of the good ol’ US of A from an outsider (way outside – South Africa, I believe)… just a little food for thought. 🙂

We couldn't make this up...

I was originally going to title this “Views from the Outside looking In,” but the more I wrote, the more I realised I needed a heading that expressed my ever-increasing exasperation with the US of A. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I’ve been watching the country descend from the being Bully on the Block, to the slightly embarrassing, slightly mad great Aunt, who owns far too many cats. So I’ve finally decided to sit down and post this rambling rant.

I think nothing exemplifies this slightly schizophrenic nature of the country more than the fact that Fox News has been simultaneously polled as being the most AND the least trusted news outlet in the US. Then again, it’s viewers have also been defined as being among the least informed, which might explain why most of its supporters are Republicans.

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