X-Factor USA: Round of 9 Results

Last night… well, last night was pretty tame.  No major explosions (other than Melanie Amaro speaking in tongues, I guess)… no petulance (other than Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid’s pointless sniping, I guess)… and no really bad performances (other than the Charisma Vacuum, I guess)…

Tonight, two acts go home.  A 5-minute task will take an hour.  Load up the padding, because here we go…

It’s Time.  To Face.  The Music.

No opening montage – we jump right in with Kelly Clarkson, showing that her loyalty is more to Simon than Idol, with “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)”, the sort-of-title-track for her new album.

That leads into the opening montage, complete with Official Exclusive Backstage Footage, which includes more of Simon vs. L.A. (MAKE IT STOP!).


The audience “created” the Official Soft Drink Sponsor Group Performance this week in an online contest… it can’t be any worse than usual… or can it?  It’s a P!nk mashup, so that may explain Marcus Canty in an electric pink tuxedo.,.. but not the circus theme… or the overly busy set… yeah, it was worse than usual.

We get the umpteenth reminder of the rules for tonight (low vote-getter is done, next two sing off).

  • Lakoda Rayne and Drew are called to the stage.  One of them is going to go home now.   They’re trying to build suspense, but c’mon, we know how this segment is going to end.
  • Lakoda Rayne has been voted off (because America hates groups).  Drew is safe.
  • Lakoda Rayne says we haven’t seen the last of them – I hope not, they didn’t get a fair shake from a competition without voting limits, that’s powered by jealous tweens and frustrated housewives…


We come back with Howie Mandel in the audience so he can promote “Mobbed”, which followed X-Factor on most of this same FOX station.  Now, back to the results… after Bruno Mars with “It Will Rain”.

Here we go… it looks kind of sad to see Paula sitting alone on the podium while the other mentors have acts on stage…

  • Chris Rene is safe.
  • Rachel Crow is safe.
  • Josh Krajcik is safe.
  • We interrupt these results for…

…the break.

Why does CV feel the need to recap what we just saw three minutes ago?

  • Melanie Amaro is safe.
  • CV gives us the recap of what we heard last night before announcing that…
  • Astro is safe.
  • Marcus Canty and LeRoy Bell will sing in the Final Showdown.

I should note that I predicted the Bottom Three for once.  But I only remembered to indicate one act that was being eliminated instead of two, so I can’t score a perfect prediction (oh well). What’s worse is that my prediction wasn’t based on performances as much as on voting patterns.  This is not a good sign for the X-Factor.  They need to do something (such as vote limits, or contests to encourage non-core voters to participate) to shake up the voting, otherwise X-Factor itself will wind up voted off…


Time for the Final Showdown…

Marcus Canty – “You Lost Me”, Christina Aguilera
LeRoy Bell – “Don’t Let Me Down”, The Beatles
Based on the overall competition, LeRoy probably should go, but there’s really no accounting for the panel.  Of course, it’ll come down to Paula and Simon, as we can probably guess L.A. and Nicole’s votes…

…after the break.

  • L.A. votes to send LeRoy Bell home after begging for Marcus’ future.
  • Nicole votes to send Marcus Canty home.  We are right where we expected to be.
  • Paula, under pressure from CV and the production truck, votes to send Marcus Canty home.
  • Simon votes to let America decide by sending LeRoy Bell home.
  • The voting public gets the fifth and deciding vote.  America, by not voting for him, votes to send LeRoy Bell home.  Marcus Canty is safe.

So with seven acts remaining, we have Simon’s three girls, L.A.’s three boys, and one of Nicole’s over-30s.  The groups are gone, and right now, I am confidently predicting that Josh Krajcik will be in the Bottom Three, and likely one of the two acts voted off, next week.  This show is going to look like Idol, and it’s because Simon Cowell didn’t put in safeguards to ensure that the non-traditional singing-competition acts had a shot in hell of survival.  This needs to be fixed for season two – which, by the way, I am not going to be 100% sure is happening until Steve Jones’ replacement takes the stage in September.

The show is back to Wednesday/Thursday next week, so the blog returns on Thursday/Friday mornings… see you then.


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