Mid-summer update

Sorry for the lack of blogging – my theory here has always been that I want to use the blog to track what’s going on in my life.

Since there hasn’t been much of that… Smile

I’m working nights for the foreseeable future, so I’m kind of cut off from all the stuff I generally would have blogged about… but I do have a couple of things to mention, so here we go…

1. My favorite annual competition is back – and I don’t mean Idol.  A TV fan named Mike Burger has been running an annual TV Death Pool for more than a decade, and entries for the 2011-12 version have just opened.  The “Ted Marshall Open Television Death Pool” (named for two patron saints of cancelled TV shows, Ted McGinley and Paula Marshall) allows entrants to pick 10 shows they think won’t survive the season.  The grand prize – bragging rights!  I usually do terribly – last year, I picked Mike & Molly as a likely cancellation victim… all it did was get an Emmy nomination for star Melissa McCarthy.  Yeah… I’m really good at this.  But anyway, if you want to play, hit the website and check it out.

2. For those who do have nights free, the improv community in Richmond is really picking up steam… the Richmond Comedy Coalition does a “Best Friends’ Day” version of Richmond Famous this Thursday (8/11)… improv is usually on the bill (along with music and standup) at the weekly Capital Ale Comedy Variety Show, Wednesdays at Capital Ale House Downtown… West End Comedy is doing auditions (details here) and back for shows toward the end of the month… and ComedySportz is holding their own in their new theatre… so if you want comedy that isn’t at all predictable, Richmond, get moving. Smile

3. Fox has announced the schedule for X Factor.  I’ll probably be blogging the show (even if I have to do it the next morning!), but – as with Idol, I’ll probably jump in when America gets to vote for the first time, which is scheduled for (I kid you not) the week of Election Day.

I’ll leave you with some comedy… the annual 48 Hour Film Festival just took place here in Richmond.  Winners are due to be announced a week from Sunday.  Two of the hopefuls are entries from the RCC and final.revised (featuring members of West End Comedy).  Here they are… if they successfully embed, enjoy.

Richmond Comedy Coalition



Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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