Closing the circle

If you look back on the early history of this blog, and I can’t believe I’ve been keeping at it for almost 7 years across multiple platforms, it focused a lot on my dissatisfaction with and termination from ComedySportz Richmond.  In the intervening years, you saw me take veiled potshots at CSz (and sometimes not-so-veiled) until it closed in 2009, another victim of the Depression That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

Anyone who’s ever asked about it heard me say that I would “never” go to a CSz Richmond show again.

Maybe it’s a little bit of growing up on my part (long overdue, eh?).  Maybe it’s a reminder of everyone’s mortality in the news of Randy Savage’s death today (I’ve been a wrestling fan for a LONG time…).  Maybe it’s the fact it’s not the same theatre for CSz (they’ve moved to new digs out on Richmond’s West End).

And maybe… just maybe… it’s a rare case of me taking my own advice. 

That advice?  It was given to a long-time friend from the wrestling business as I was doing some pro-bono tech support for her problematic laptop.  She hasn’t made it to many wrestling shows lately (even less than I have, if that’s possible), and I asked her why.  She explained that there’s one person who’s likely to be at the shows that she really doesn’t want to see (no further details, that’s her story to tell, not mine).  What I said to her was:

I can tell you from experience… avoiding one person means you miss out on everyone else.

The words dangled in the air for a moment… not that she noticed (she doesn’t really know the CSz story), but I did.  I realized that I give damn good advice, but it might be better if I actually listened to myself sometimes.  This seems like one of those times. 

So it’s over, finally.  Sometime soon, I’ll go check out the new CSz Improv Theatre.  Maybe tonight – I’m waffling a bit, for other reasons – but it’ll be soon.

“Never” is a long time.  Too long for me to miss out on seeing the friends I’ve made in the last couple of years do what they do best, even if it means tolerating one person I really don’t want to see.

So while I enjoy this small experiment with maturity, I hope it doesn’t get screwed up by the Rapture tomorrow.  Smile  Personally, I’d love to be a fly in the Family Radio studios late tonight when Samoa isn’t wiped off the map at 6pm local time on Saturday (10pm tonight at Family Radio in Oakland).  Sadly, it’s most likely that cognitive dissonance will kick in, and that they’ll simply calculate a new Rapture date again – rather than admit that there won’t ever be a Rapture. 

Enjoy either the End of Days, or just another weekend… besides, I just realized that the world CAN’T end yet, we have to see if Scotty or Lauren wins American Idol this week.  See you for that Tuesday night…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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