American Idol 10 Finals: Round of 3 Results

Yes, it’s really late as I post this. Next week, you’ll have prompt spoilers. Smile Don’t forget that next week’s shows are on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  I won’t.

Tonight, of course, is Hometown Heroes night.  We’ll spend most of the 60 minutes watching film from the three surviving Idols’ trips home.  In the introductory B-roll, Jimmy Iovine says that a whopping 95 million votes came in last night.  He didn’t say the average age of the voters was 11.  But he did predict that Scotty is going to make the finale.

Who’s going to the finale… and who’s going home… TONIGHT!~?

Roll the credits, bring out the cast, and let’s begin the fluff…

It starts with footage from last week, with the Top Four on a “secret mission”, by way of plugging J.J. Abrams’ latest project, “Super 8”.  I hit fast-forward.  Seacrest then interviewed Elle Fanning in the crowd.  I hit fast-forward, but not before noticing dismissed finalists Karen, Jacob, and Naima getting face time.


More footage… Haley’s visit back to Chicago, and the second annual Idol Day At Arlington Park (Lee DeWyze did his hometown concert there as well).  It’s kind of odd seeing the Idol footage from Wheeling, which isn’t far from where I spent three years in the ‘90s (Rolling Meadows – less than a mile from Arlington Park) and where I spend each Christmas (Itasca).  Of course, she did “Sweet Home Chicago” on stage at AP (with her dad on guitar).  I guess I should mention the running gag of the huge security guy “crying” (and causing Haley to cry).


We’re back for the pointless Ford Music Video (“Smile”).  I hit fast-forward.

From there, it’s Italian boy band Il Volo, doing “O Sole Mio” (no, that’s not the least bit formulaic).  Nice voices.  Young kids.  I hit fast-forward a few seconds in.


Back to Il Volo getting a photo op with Randy (I can’t make this up).

From there, it’s off to Garner, NC with Scotty.  It’s the usual Hometown Hero sweep – local radio appearance, then home, then a local high school for a rally, then the live concert, mixed in with the Idol contestant breaking down in tears at some point.  For this trip, though, they tossed in Scotty’s visit back to the grocery store where he worked pre-Idol.  Concert footage featured Scotty singing his catchphrase, “Baby lock the doors and turn the lights down low”… which brought out country star Josh Turner (the line is from Josh’s “Your Man”, which they duetted on) as a surprise for Scotty.

From there, it’s Nicole Scherzinger (the new co-host of X Factor, not that it had anything to do with this appearance AT ALL), doing her single “Right There” with Fitty Cent.  I hit fast-forward.


Back with an audition plug, before we head to Rossville, GA (and Chattanooga) with Lauren (and her official stage mom).  It’s the usual routine, of course – radio station, live appearance, high school rally, tears… then it gets serious with a reminder of the tornado damage in Georgia, and more tears as Lauren drives through wrecked towns, including the rubble of a school where Lauren was a cheerleader.  OK, I can’t snark my way through this – Lauren spent some time with an 11-year-old who saved his family from the storms.  Live concert footage was mixed in with Lauren’s first pitch duties with the Chattanooga Lookouts (her jersey had her real last name on it – *gasp*).

Dim the lights… here we go… to break… because Ryan Seacrest is evil.


Dim the lights again… here we go…

  • After 95 million votes… the first finalist is… Scotty McCreery.  One of the girls goes home tonight.
  • We waste no time… the second finalist is… Lauren Alaina.
  • Haley Rinehart is going home in third place.
  • When I heard “95 million votes”, I knew Haley was gone.  She needed a small turnout to split the country vote.
  • Haley tells Ryan that “it’s only the beginning”.  That, it is.
  • Haley’s sing-off song is “Bennie and the Jets’”.

Finale week starts Tuesday night at 8/7c.  Blog post by 9:05, I promise.

Don’t forget: Wednesday’s finale runs from 8 to 10:07 (officially, and it may go long), with the actual results coming just past 10pm.  Right now, I plan to live-blog Wednesday night with updates at every commercial break.  It’ll be overblown, over-long, over-hyped… and a country singer is going to win.  See you next week! Smile

The show wrapped a couple of minutes early for an X Factor preview… yes, FOX is milking the cash cow, are you surprised?


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