American Idol 10 Finals: Round of 7 Results

Last night was… interesting.  Nobody really stood out all that much… and nobody was really all that bad.  With that, nobody really distinguished – or extinguished – themselves.  So who’s the next member of the Idol Castoff Chorus?  Will we see more of the Pia Toscano Marketing Project?  Will Ryan Seacrest get anywhere near a “beard” joke again?  And, of course, how will the Idol voting audience irritate us… TONIGHT~!?

Montage time… reminding us that anyone can go home… and asking… DID YOU VOTE?  Because, of course, if you didn’t vote, you really can’t complain.  Although even Idol execs have admitted that the voting isn’t exactly balanced – something about teenage girls and cellphones…

Anyway, here we go… judge intro… Seacrest descending the stairway from… well… the second floor.  No reference to a number of votes… instead, a focus on the eccentricity of the night before we bring out Your Top Seven.

Oh, wait… NOW he mentions 52 million votes (by a 9th-grade class in Conway, Arkansas)…

No opening group number… instead, Seacrest billboards tonight’s guests (Katy Perry and David Cook)… and then banters with the judges (not like we need to fill time or anything).

Lauren, Haley, Stefano, and Jacob do a song everyone with a radio is very, very sick of: Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister”.   They did the best they could while we were all sticking pencils in our ears…


We return to a plug for the iTunes download before the Pointless Ford Music Video (“World”, Five for Fighting).  If history starts now, it includes the process of making one of the Idols history… but first… let’s see who rules the world… no, wait, another performance… it’s Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” from Casey, Scotty, and James… wow… sounds like the guys had no chance of finding a key they could agree on…

From there, everyone goes back to the couches… more time-filler, including Jacob’s rebuttal to the “diva” comments last night… Scotty talking about a cupcake named for him back home in Garner, NC… and Casey displaying some fantard art… dim the lights, here we go…

  • Casey stands up (no going to center stage now, probably due to impending live music), and so does Jacob.  Casey claims that The Kiss last night was entirely spontaneous.  OK, whatever. 
  • Casey is safe (VFTW victory!).  Jacob isn’t.  He’s going to the Bottom Three again.  It’s his second trip.


Back to the 7th American Idol (and the voice of this season’s sing-off montage) debuting a new single… it’s David Cook with “The Last Goodbye”.   I think he’s got a hit here.  The obligatory plug is for Cook coming out here to the East Coast (Warner Theatre, Washington, next Friday) as part of a fundraiser weekend for brain cancer research.  But what David really wanted tonight was for his mother to hug Steven Tyler… who clearly didn’t mind what turned into something more personal than just a hug…


Back, as Seacrest has the gall to say “we’re all about results” before introducing another filler montage of the Idols at Play… they hit a Dodgers game (interestingly, no shots of Frank or Jamie McCourt in the montage!)… Idol Bowling (they’re not good)… a day at the spa (of course, they had to prank someone, and it was James taking over for the masseuse on Stefano)… and back to the couches… dim the lights, here we go…

  • Seacrest says we’re about to get the other two members of the bottom three – good, a little less stalling…
  • Lauren, James, and Stefano get the call to center stage.  According to James, Muse singer Matt Bellamy liked James’ performance of “Uprising”.
  • Stefano is in the Bottom Three.  His 4th visit.  Both Lauren and James are safe.
  • Haley and Scotty get their summons.  One is safe.  One… not so much.  Scotty is safe.  Haley is going to the Bottom Three.  Her 4th visit.
  • Seacrest immediately pulls Haley back to center stage… and she is safe.
  • We’re left with a Bottom Two of Jacob and Stefano.

For the record, Scotty, Lauren, and James have never taken a Silver Seat.

Back with Katy Perry’s return to the Idol stage, with “E.T.”  I believe this is a pretape… looks like it might be lip-synched… and when did Katy raid Lady Gaga’s wardrobe closet?  And we get the Kanye “surprise” appearance… Yo, Kanye, I’m happy for you… Imma let you finish… but Hulk Hogan has one of the best Idol surprise appearances of all time…

We go backstage (to camouflage the lack of actual live music) where Seacrest talks to our Bottom Two.  Nothing earthshattering here, so let’s go to…


We’re back… the judges prattle a bit (Steven hits the “vibe” this season, saying that nobody “deserves” to be up for elimination), but finally… dim the lights, here we go…

  • Jacob and Stefano are at center stage… looking terribly nervous.
  • Stefano is leaving us tonight.
  • Jacob is safe.
  • Stefano leaves us with Stevie Wonder’s “Lately”… and a huge bearhug from James cutting off the last note…

We’re out.  Wednesday night, it’s the Songs of Carole King (interesting)… and 90 minutes for 6 singers… do we get duets next week?  Stay tuned… “Bones” is next.  See you Wednesday night.


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