American Idol 10 Finals: Round of 11 Results

After a few DVR-delayed blogs, I’m back to doing this one live… and since there’s no rain in the area tonight, I shouldn’t have any of the show interrupted by an EAS alert.  I did go back and check out Naima’s performance from last night.  She did fairly well, but I still wonder if the dance break helps or hurts…

At the end of last night’s show, I projected Stefano, Haley, and Naima as tonight’s Bottom Three.  I’ll consider myself lucky to get one of them right (I think Haley’s a 100% slam dunk to get that dubious honor again)… although given the latest bit of disinformation from Nigel Lythgoe (a tweet today indicating “Shocking Results Tonight”), it’s likely that anything is possible.  So… who gets to start planning tour itineraries, and who goes home… TONIGHT~!?

We start, of course, with a variation on the same Motown results show montage we’ve seen for years… with the new breed of contestants spliced in.  Here we go…

Seacrest promises a shock result, Sugarland, and Jennifer Hudson tonight… before bringing out the Summer Tour Plus One… in costume for the weekly Painful Group Number.  But first, Marc Anthony gets to make a few bucks from his wife’s spring job, serving as a “consultant” for the live performance – mostly, this clip is to explain why all the performers had earbuds in last night.  All kidding aside, it may have helped, as the dreaded word “pitchy" never came up.

OK… there ain’t no group song good enough to explain why we keep getting them… but they’re taking a shot at “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”… but no, that’s not enough… they make Stevie Wonder sing with the Idols.  I can’t see why they’d do that to Stevie… he starts with “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”… and segues into the chorus of his “Happy Birthday”, for Steven Tyler’s 98th birthday.  I kid, I kid…

As we go to *break*, Steven gets a birthday cake.  I didn’t see that many candles, so I guess the L.A. Fire Department put their feet down… of course, I’m glad this isn’t a wrestling show, as someone would have been wearing the cake as we faded out…

Speaking of wastes of time, it’s the Ford music video.  I guess I won’t be winning their latest contest, as it involved spotting a “hidden object” in the video, and I don’t watch them.

No idle chatter tonight… dim the lights, here we go…

  • Lauren, Pia, and Scotty go to center stage first… all three are safe!  The first three seats on the tour bus are booked.  It made sense to get some of the obvious survivors out of the way.

But first… yes, another *break*.  There’s almost as many breaks here as in an NCAA tournament basketball game…

We’re back with a group that makes perfect sense on Motown week… Sugarland! (Wut?)  They’re doing “Stuck Like Glue” (pretaped).

We get a “behind the scenes” look at the Idols wrestling (?) – based off James’ love of pro wrestling… well, James will get a call from the WWE once this is over… dim the lights, here we go…

  • James and Paul come to center stage… and, to play off the last segment, Hulk Hogan makes a surprise appearance in the IdolDome… leaving James doing the “I’m not worthy” gesture.  Hogan delivers the audience’s results… and both James and Paul have made the tour (VFTW flawless victory!).  Hogan makes himself a face (for those who don’t speak wrestling, that means “good guy”) with the Idol audience by “punching” Seacrest into the third row, and doing the T-shirt tear while yelling “THIS… is American Idol”, leading into the…

*break*  I’m sure TNA Wrestling isn’t thrilled that Hogan showed up without so much as a plug for their flagship show… which airs 25 minutes from now.

Back from break… dim the lights…

  • Jacob, Thia, and Stefano get the summons to center stage… Jacob is safe.  It appears that either Thia or Stefano gets the first Bottom Three stool… no, both of them do.  Thia and Stefano are in the Bottom Three.
  • Haley, Naima, and Casey are the last three to center stage as, inexplicably, Seacrest reminds us to stay for the entire show (wouldn’t we do that anyway?)… one of them is in the Bottom Three… but first, the 7th one on the tour bus is Naima… Really? Haley is SAFE and makes the tour… Casey is in the bottom three.
  • So the Bottom Three is Thia, Stefano, and Casey.  One out of three is good enough for a baseball player, right?

*break*  A couple of NASCAR drivers in the audience, Trevor Bayne (reigning Daytona 500 winner) and Joey Logano.  Hey, did you know that NASCAR is on FOX?   Seacrest apparently doesn’t, not mentioning it at all…

Back from break with Jennifer Hudson doing her new single, “Where You At?” live.  We dive right back into results.

  • Going back to the couch, with the 9th seat on the tour bus, is Thia.

*break* The producers got what they wanted… one of the guys goes home, and there are 5 guys and 5 girls on the bus.  Who audits the voting again?  Oh, that’s right… nobody.

And we’re back… one last bit of business to do… back to center stage, and dim the lights…i

  • Singing for his future tonight is… CaseyStefano is safe.  Seriously?
  • It’s time for Casey to sing for the Judges’ Save that he won’t be getting… but Randy cuts him off? (after about 20 seconds of singing)
  • Casey is in shock – and may even be ill (keep in mind, he’s been in and out of the hospital all season)…
  • Nobody goes home tonight.  Casey is going on tour, as it’ll be a Top 11 tour this season.
  • He’s doing a victory lap of the audience… after having the “stuff scared out of him” when Randy cut him off.
  • Next week is a double-elimination.

No theme announced yet for the Top 11 Part Deux… look for that early next week.

Well, Nigel promised a shocking surprise.  That’s definitely a shocker.  See you Wednesday night!


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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