American Idol 10 Finals: Round 0f 12 Results

Better late than never, I guess… unfortunately, I do know before I start the DVR who went home last night… but for the historical record, if nothing else, here we go…

We open with the question “What did you want to do when you were growing up?” leading into the montage from the performance show… and THIS… is American Idol!

Reminder: if you want to donate $10 to the American Red Cross as they lend a hand in Japan, text REDCROSS to 90999.

It’s tempting to say “and speaking of tragedy, here’s the lip-synched group number”, but I won’t do that… especially since it appears that they may actually be singing live… the technical glitches certainly give the impression of a live performance…


Oh, joy… the ridiculous Ford video.  I think it’d be nice if they gave us more information about the songs in these awful videos…

Seacrest pimps the AI 10th Anniversary compilation CD (wow, people still buy CDs?)… and then throws to the current crop telling us things we don’t know about them… apparently they got hung up on languages and accents, though… then animals – and the idiots at FOX bleeped “Shih-tzu”.  Wow, the stupid is strong at FOX…

Almost cute little St. Patrick’s Day bit as we dim the lights

  • Casey, Jacob, and Lauren are called up on stage… Jacob is safe (no surprise there)… Lauren is safe (much to the delight of her stage mom)… and Casey is safe (which, I hope, will encourage the Idols to take chances)…
  • Haley and Paul get the call to center stage… one is safe and the other is in the Bottom Three (which means I have one wrong)… Haley is in the Bottom Three, and Paul scores the VFTW Victory by surviving for another week.

Notable in the results segment – J-Lo admitting that there are audio problems on stage that are keeping the Idols from hearing themselves… which, as she noted, can cause the legendary “pitchiness”.  Nigel Lithgoe probably hit the ceiling of the production booth when she said that… Smile

We’re back with the 9th Idol… you know that guy… um… yeah, the one from Chicago… who’s done so much since last year’s finale… it’s “Beautiful Like You” from Lee DeWyze.  Lee advises the finalists to “remember why you tried out” (a couple of them may not want to think about their parents pushing them so hard, though)…


It’s time to dim the lights…

  • Scotty, Pia, and James get to face the voters next… Scotty is safe (also not a surprise)… Pia is safe (much to the delight of some loud guys in the audience, and the 20-something male audience FOX desperately hopes to add)… James is safe (putting us one week close to the James/Steven Tyler duet)…
  • Stefano and Naima are next… if one is safe and the other isn’t, I have a pretty good guess… Naima, like most of us, hates the word “pitchy”… Naima is in the Bottom Three (no surprise) and Stefano is safe.
  • Karen and Thea wrap up the torture segment… there’s one seat left in the Bottom Three… and it belongs to Karen.  Thea is safe.
  • So your Bottom Three is Haley, Naima, and Karen.  I got two right this week.  Not bad, I guess, although I maintain that Paul deserved the seat more.  Then again, Paul was memorable, if bad… Karen wasn’t memorable.  I guess that’s the key – being memorable is more important than being good.


We’re back with more (possibly) live music.  The stars of the most recent Super Bowl halftime show are here… dedicating this to “our friends in Japan” (the video for this single was shot in Japan a week before the disaster)… it’s the Black Eyed Peas with “Just Can’t Get Enough”.  Well, the autotune sounds live… but the standard giveaway applies – no post-song interview with Seacrest means the song was pre-taped…


So after 50+ minutes of filler, we get down to the business at hand… eliminating another female singer from the season that a girl was supposed to be guaranteed to win… dim the lights

  • The quick reprieve goes to Naima.  She’s safe.
  • Karen or Haley is going to have to sing for her future… and tonight’s visitor to the Danger Zone is… Karen.  Haley is safe.
  • So Karen sings for the save that she has no chance of getting this early in the season… it’s Mariah Carey’s “Hero”.
  • Making her beg and plead for her survival was unnecessary…
  • …as Randy confirms what we all knew.  Karen is going home.

And as David Cook sings us out… the top 11 will be back Wednesday night at 8/7c.   And that’s it… no closing words from Seacrest as the judges are on stage consoling Karen.  See you next week!


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