American Idol 10: Semifinal results

Here we go… Idol’s “biggest cut ever” from 24 to somewhere between 10 and 13 finalists.  We’re really not sure how the cut is being done, or how the wildcards are being named.  Will we get some answers… TONIGHT~!?

Necessary disclaimer for new readers: this blog is done live along with the show.  Once the show is over, it gets a quick spellcheck and is published.    Any predictions made are done “in the moment”.

My top 10 from the last two nights: Karen, Pia, Thia, Lauren A., Naima; James, Jovany, Jacob, Brett, Paul.  I’ll be curious to see how many of my choices go through… and I’ll be watching the VFTW choices (Brett and Rachel), too… although it’s funny that I’d put Brett through on performance while VFTW puts Brett through on comic value… Smile

Wow… you can tell there’s two hours to fill, as each of the top 24 get an individual introduction… for half of them, it’s their last, so they better enjoy it…

Oh, good… the wildcard rules are being explained.  The judges will bring back some of the unselected 14 to sing for a wildcard spot.  They’re not saying when, though… will it be tonight, or next week?  Based on Ryan’s throw to the first break, the wildcard sing-off might just be tonight!?

This is going to be a LONG post… so you’ll have to click through to see it all (unless you’re reading this in an RSS reader, perhaps)…

Now why do we need the massive recap of Tuesday’s… wait, there’s two hours to fill, that’s why.  I guess you didn’t have to watch Tuesday if you’re willing to invest 10 minutes tonight…?

Now are they really going to name all 5 male finalists?  No, not yet… Ryan’s going to kill more time with random questions to random semifinalists… before we go to yet another pointless montage.  Attention FOX programmers: find other hit programming.  Of course, if your goal is to kill off Idol in favor of X-Factor, keep going with the fluff!

Quote of the night: “There’s a blue carpet.  It’s like a red carpet.  Only blue.” – James Durbin.  Although Brett Loewenstern’s talk about being a rainbow cookie was rather metatextual…

Time to dim the lights…

  • Scotty and Robbie are called up first.  Both get extended babbling notes from the judges.  And… Scotty makes the top 10 (I’m now 0-for-1)Robby goes to the wildcard pool.
  • Clint, Jordan and Jovany are next.  Clint, Jordan, and Jovany (oops) go to the wildcard pool.

And we’re off to break… after which, we bring up the ladies… oh, look, it’s the ladies’ montage.  What a surprise.

More chatter, and more B-roll.  Really, two-hour results shows are ridiculous.  Have I beaten that point to death yet?

Dim the lights again…

  • Pia and Lauren A.?  But… they’re two of my 5… noooooooooooooo… Lauren A. makes the Top 10 (making me 1-for-2)… and Pia makes the Top 10 (and I’m 2-for-3).  OK, Idol, don’t do this to me again. Smile
  • Ta-Tynisa and Julie are next… Ta-Tynisa and Julie both go to the wildcard pool.

While they’re in a break… I’m not surprised Scotty is through to the Top 10.  He won’t win, but he’ll hang around for a while.  I can’t wait to see what happens if/when they force him out of the bluesy-country niche.

Back from break, dimming the lights…

  • Kendra, Ashthon, and Karen are on center stage next… Ashthon goes to the wildcard pool.  Either Kendra or Karen are in the Ten… and it’s Karen (I’m 3-for-4).  Kendra goes back to the wildcard pool.
  • Tim, Casey, and Jacob are summoned…  Jacob makes the Ten (4-for-5).  It’s Casey or Tim… Casey goes through (4-for-6), Tim goes to the wildcard pool.
  • Naima, Thia, and Lauren T. step forward… you have to figure one gets through (which means I lose at least another one)… let’s see… and Ryan confirms it’s only one of them… and that singer is… not Naima (oops), she’s back in the wildcard pool.  Thia’s going through to the Ten (5-for-7), Lauren T. goes to the wildcard pool.
  • Brett and Paul are next… ruh roh, another one down… as the numbers point to one of them making it… and Ryan says that as I type it.  The singer going through… is… Paul (6-for-8).  Brett (oops) goes to the wildcard pool, no doubt irritating VFTW.

Off to the break… two guys for one spot… two girls for one spot… and we still have to figure out the wildcard process… all in the marginally-exciting second hour… Smile

Dim the lights…

  • Haley and Rachel (for the spot I thought belonged to Naima)… the last girl in the Ten is Haley (6-for-9).  Rachel’s back in the wildcard pool, creating a double VFTW failure (oh, dear, they’re not going to take this well).
  • Stefano and James are left… James is the last of my 5 choices… here we go… the last guy in the Ten is… James (7-for-10).  Stefano is back in the wildcard pool.

Patting myself on the back as we go to break… I did say any of my top 10 girls could get through (Haley was #10), and I did say that Casey and Scotty could get through (I had Brett out in that case, but missed on Jovany’s exclusion).  I’m damn proud of myself, I must say.  I did better than Mel Kiper or Todd McShay are going to do at the NFL Draft, that’s for sure.  Let’s see if I can keep this up all season.  Oh… ahem… wildcard competition is… next????

There’s 14 singers in the wildcard pool.  The judges will pick “some” of them to sing any song they’ve sung so far.  The judges are taking 6 of the 14 wildcards, according to Jennifer – 3 guys and 3 girls.

Ashthon Jones (announced by Randy) – “And I Am Telling You” (Jennifer Hudson)
Why not do an Idol alum song?   And while you’re at it, why not tear into it?  Great choice to showcase the power of her voice.  If she’s trying to force the judges’ hand, she did a good job.  The bar’s set high for the remaining five singers (even with a bit of a bobble at the end).

Stefano Langone (announced by Jennifer) – “I Need You Now” (Smokie Norful)
Another good choice – if he had brought this performance last night, he might not have needed to sing tonight.  Definitely an improvement.  He’s behind Ashthon, but not by much.

*break* 4 more wildcards to go…

Kendra Chantelle (announced by Steven) – “Georgia On My Mind” (Ray Charles)
Solid performance, nice Idol Glory Note at the end… and nowhere near what Ashthon or Stefano did, unfortunately.  I don’t think this is enough to go through.  Looks like there might be some time pressure, as the judges’ notes are being cut back…

Jovany Barreto (announced by Jennifer) – “Angel” (Jon Secada)
Jovany trying the route that got Karen through (Spanish/English lyrics)… a solid performance… an improvement over last night, but again, I’m not sure it’s enough to go through.  Perhaps if they take 3 wildcards?

*break* 2 more… with 27 minutes in the show… there’s definitely plenty of time, so what’s up their sleeves, I wonder?  I have to think Naima will get another shot… not sure Brett will, although it’d be fun if all of my top 10 at least got as far as the wildcard round…

Naima Adedapo (announced by Steven, sending Ta-Tynisa, Lauren T., Julie, and Rachel home)
Naima is singing “For All We Know” (Donny Hathaway)
She did it again.  Another good performance.  Include last night, and it’s enough to get her through.  On its own merits, I don’t think she outsung Ashthon.  Tough choice for the judges.

Robbie Rosen (announced by Randy, sending Brett, Clint, Jordan, and Tim home)
Robbie is singing “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” (Elton John)
He’s in the same situation as Stefano – this should have been the performance he brought last night.  I’m kind of surprised he even got the wildcard (I’d have gone with Clint, as there was clearly no way Brett was getting it), and given how average he was last night, I’m not sure this was enough to save him.

*break* The judges have about 3 minutes to make a decision.  If they take two, I think it’ll be Ashthon and Stefano.  If they take three, add Naima.

We’re back, and the judges want more time – coincidentally, we haven’t aired J-Lo’s new video yet.  So, courtesy of Ford (hey, maybe they can toss me something for the product placement?), it airs here.

Back from the video, and it’s time for a decision.  Which, of course, means there’s only one thing to do.


  • Randy announces… Ashthon.
  • Jennifer say there’s two more… she announces… Stefano.
  • And Steven announces… Naima.

Credits are rolling, we’re over on time, the Finals start with the Top 13 next week (and possibly, if the rumors are right, a double-elimination round).

Your slightly-delayed late local news is next on FOX.

Final bit of bragging: I got 8 of the final 13 by name.  And mentioned a couple in a sidebar.  It’s the best prediction I’ll ever make on this show, but am I going out on top?  Nope.  See you Wednesday!


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