Idle thoughts on a quiet Friday

I’ve been watching some of the coverage of the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake with one thought going through my mind — “one day, this will be Los Angeles”.  It’s not a matter of “whether” but “when” L.A. takes an earthquake like the one that tore Christchurch down… and I wonder if they’re any more ready in California than the Kiwis were. One thing’s for sure – if a similar earthquake hits Southern California, we’ll be thrilled if the death toll is “only” 300.

If you’re a movie fan, and you’re wondering how the industry got to the wretched state it’s in today (where creativity has been kicked to the curb, replaced by greed and ancillary marketing), check out this article from GQ magazine… “The Day The Movies Died”.

The “real” American Idol season 10 is about to launch… now that we know who the top 24 are (or possibly 23, if semifinalist Casey Abrams can’t go tonight – Google his name if you’re curious)… for the first time in a few years, the semifinals won’t be live.  Tuesday’s “guys” show tapes tonight at Television City… and Wednesday’s “girls” show tapes Monday night.  The first live show will be the two-hour (SERIOUSLY?) results show on Thursday.  I don’t see anyone yet who I really think has the obvious “it” factor… but we’ve seen edited snippets and partial performances, so I guess it makes sense that nobody jumped out yet.  We’ll see how the almost-live performance shows go.  Yes, I’ll start blogging the shows Tuesday night.  For the seven people who care, you’re welcome. 🙂

Completely not coincidentally, both “X Factor” and “America’s Got Talent” have started their audition schedules… 🙂 I watched a little bit of the British “X Factor” this winter, and if the American judging panel can be nearly as mean-spirited as the British one, it’ll be a hoot…

And Jeopardy! didn’t call me after their online test a couple of weeks ago.  Again.  I wonder if changing my name to “Watson” and speaking in a bland semi-monotone might help get me an audition…

OK.  Enough blogging for now… have to save a few words for AI10 next week.  Go do something fun this weekend… if you’re in Richmond, you certainly have a LOT of choices… 🙂




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