Playing catchup

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Honestly, I just haven’t had a lot to say… and I figure that sometimes, the best part of valor is simply knowing when to shut up.

However… I saw a few things that I wanted to take a swing at… so here goes…

The NFL: My billionaire can beat your billionaire!  I guess nobody can be too rich, eh?  The real genesis of the NFL “labor dispute” is this – the owners want to get richer and take the money out of the players’ pockets to do so.  Unsatisfied with the first billion off the top of annual proceeds, the owners want to make it the first two billion.  Oh, and they want to cut player compensation by about 1/6.  And add two regular-season games.  And not give the players better after-career health benefits.  Clearly, the players are wrong here…  The thing is, the owners know damn well that in our screwed-up mindset, the players will be blamed for the owners’ unmitigated cash grab.  So they’re going to try it.  Don’t be surprised if there isn’t much of a 2011 season (which makes NBC’s first Super Bowl XLVI promo – airing this week – oddly compelling).

Keith Olbermann: From here to obscurity.  Nobody’s saying whether Comcast pushed Olbermann out of MSNBC or if he jumped… but considering where he landed, I’m going for the two-hands-in-the-back solution myself.  I mean, really… Current TV hasn’t done a thing since it shoved Newsworld International off the air in 2005… and much as I like Olbermann’s style, and willingness to stand up for his beliefs (loudly most times, very loudly sometimes), the TV news market is so fragmented that it’s unlikely he – by himself – can bring much of an audience to the floundering channel.  They’ll have several months to figure it out, though, as it appears Olbermann’s got a 6-month non-compete to sit out first…

Another Congressman thinks with his… district?  Yeah, I could take a cheap shot about another “family values” politician – this time, Rep. Chris Lee (R-uined) – getting caught cheating… but really, how many times can you ask how this kind of idiot does less harm to the institution of marriage than allowing any two consenting adults to get married?

What’s really hurting the institution of marriage is allowing entertainers to get married!  I mean… have you seen the number of Hollywood/entertainment couples that have filed for divorce in the last year?  Mommas, DO let your babies grow up to be divorce lawyers…

American I-dull: Pick up the pace, guys… or there absolutely won’t be a season 11.  The audition shows have been, for lack of a better word, forgettable.  Let’s hope that the Hollywood/Las Vegas/Hollywood elimination shows are better.  If they’re worse… oy.  And I really haven’t seen a lot of talent that makes me eager to get to the voting… but that’s always been a flaw of these shows. Because they don’t know who the semifinalists are yet – the top 20 hasn’t even been selected – they have to guess at who might make it through and hope they showcase people we’ll see again.  AI has become so paranoid about spoilers that they’re taking the drama out of the “pre-season”.  Add in the fact that the drumbeat has already started for X-Factor (first auditions are in a little over 6 weeks), and it’s do-or-die time for AI.  As of now, I’m still blogging it when it gets to the Top 20 – but I reserve the right to be disheartened… especially if they pimp Chris Medina’s badly-injured fiancee again…  Late update: AI’s producers have placed a country version of the show – although they’re not calling it that, of course – on CMT.  Nothing like being prepared, I guess…

Finally, the obligatory (for me) Richmond improv update.  Lots of good stuff on the horizon… the Richmond Comedy Coalition has two shows – February 17, it’s The Riot (not literally, one hopes) and on February 25, it’s Ricihmond Famous based on stories from the graphic artists at RVAnthology.  Both shows are at Gallery5.  Overlapping that are the monthly shows from West End Comedy at HATTheatre – the family-friendly show is February 25, the less-family-friendly show (plus a bonus long-form improv jam) is February 26.  The return of ComedySportz is on the horizon (rumor has that happening in March), and Paradox Comedy occasionally rises from the ashes (wait, wouldn’t that be Phoenix Comedy?) at Art6 on Saturdays.  Maybe I’ll run into you at one of those shows?  Maybe?

OK… back into hibernation… Smile


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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