…to Cam Newton, the future “disgraced former winner of the 2010 Heisman Trophy”.

Let’s face it.  Newton is not a good person.  He cheated at Florida, and nearly got expelled for it.  He ducked that by transferring to a juco in Texas.  Then his father, without his knowledge (*cough*), auctioned him off to the highest bidder (Auburn’s boosters).

He’s even dirtier than Reggie Bush – but the NCAA has bent over backwards to make sure Newton remains eligible through his likely final college game (the BS* National Championship Game).  Why?  As always, follow the money.  The SEC wouldn’t stand for losing its share of the BS riches, and since the team in line to replace Auburn in the BS National Championship Game was TCU, currently not a member of the cartel BS, there’d be a lot of money lost.

Instead, you can safely assume that the NCAA, SEC, and BS have colluded to keep Newton eligible until after January 10. 

After that?  A lengthy “investigation”, much like the Reggie Bush fiasco, that will (shockingly) find that Newton knew full well that his father, the reverend, was pimping him like a callgirl at 3rd and Broad, revoke his Heisman, and retroactively strike Auburn’s 2010 season from the books.

Of course, Auburn and the SEC will have spent the cash, and Newton will be in the midst of becoming a high-priced draft bust in the NFL… but the Truth will have been served… and everyone keeps the money.

It’s time that the NCAA figured out a way to separate the two revenue sports – FBS football and D-I men’s basketball – from the rest of the college athletic landscape, and come up with realistic rules for them.  

Why make Cam Newton more of a liar than he already is?  Why make Rev. Cecil Newton more of a hypocrite than he already is?  Just admit the money is there, and let it flow above-the-table.  The NCAA can’t stop it, so why pretend to try? 

In the meantime, congratulations for Cam Newton.  You beat the system.  You’ll forgive me if I wait for karma to catch up with you.

* Typo intentional.


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