Random thoughts on a random Monday

Just a couple things that are lurking on my mind… it was going to be a few, but one of them can wait until another time… 🙂

Congratulations, TSA!

Your ongoing campaign to make air travel safer by driving passengers away from airports is working well.   Between full-body scanners that may, indeed, be cancer-causing and full-body searches that might be too lurid for XXX-rated video, you’re well on your way to killing the airline industry altogether.

Let’s face it — the TSA is irreparably broken.  It was given a bad mandate at a moment of national panic, and can only exist by continuing to stoke that panic.  To hear the TSA speak, there are terrorists under every floatation device and lurking in every cramped restroom of every plane in the sky.  5-year-olds carry C4, and senior citizens have box cutters.  C’mon, man… that’s not a security policy, that’s Chicken F’n Little!

I posted a link on my Facebook that describes, to the extent they’ll talk about it, the Israeli method of airport security.  Now if anyone had to learn how to secure airports, it’s Israel.  They don’t use the chicken-with-its-head-cut-off method of airport security.  They use profiling.  They use parking-lot-to-gate security checks.  Every single person working in the airport is, in their way, part of security.  And they say they can get customers from car to gate in under 25 minutes while ensuring flight safety.

It’s time to step back, take a deep breath, and rethink the TSA.  Air travel needs to be safe – but it also needs to be usable.  Safe, empty planes don’t help anyone.  We’re heading that way — unless someone steps in and stops it.

And don’t worry about the current crop of TSA employees if and when the TSA is overhauled.  I hear that Walmart and Denny’s are hiring. 🙂

Quarterbacks?  We’re talking quarterbacks?

What ever happened to the NFL quarterback?  Yesterday, the Carolina Panthers started a guy who, 7 days earlier, was watching NFL games on his couch.  One of the reasons Brett Favre’s Ego continues to start for the Minnesota Vikings is that the franchise is terrified of putting Tarvaris Jackson in actual game situations.  Yet JaMarcus Russell (who makes me look skinny) continues to get tryouts.

You’d think that with hundreds of colleges playing football, that the NFL could find 64 qualified starters and backups, at least… but that doesn’t appear to be the case.  Look at how many teams either have awful starters, or who are stuck with a mediocre starter because they don’t trust their backup to play flag football.

Now I understand that there many colleges aren’t using pro-style offenses… and there are quite a few college QBs who are products of a particular system… but after all this time, the NFL still hasn’t figured out how to utilize those QBs?

I guess the moral of this story is – mommas, let your babies grow up to be QBs. 🙂

Finally, is it me, or does the end of 2010 feel less like a holiday season than any in recent memory?  Maybe it is just me… 2010 has been a rotten year for me, and the fact that it ends in 39 days is probably the best thing for it.  Bring on 2011 already. 🙂


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