Halloween weekend stuff

A few items of varying importance…

Eagle… um… –eared? listeners may have noticed I haven’t been on the air on Big Oldies for a couple of weeks.  That’s because I haven’t been on the air on Big Oldies for a couple of weeks… because the station made changes in how weekend shows would be voiced, and I disagreed with the changes.  Basically, you probably wouldn’t have noticed if I were still on the air after the changes, so I took myself off the air completely.  I still work at Main Line, doing production, football/basketball game engineering, and “traffic” (commercial affidavits, not the bumper-to-bumper stuff).  I’m not upset… I had 7 years on-air doing things pretty much my way.  Maybe I’ll be back.  Who knows?  My crystal ball has always worked better in hindsight… Smile

Word is that, after folding abruptly in 2009, ComedySportz Richmond is attempting to make a comeback (complete with new theatre) either late this year or in early 2011.  Now long-time readers of this blog know my history with CSz Richmond, so you might be surprised that I mention this… but there’s been some changes during the hiatus.  I’m still a bit ambivalent – it appears that the core of the new CSz will come from the folks I’ve been watching in RCC, Paradox, and Sketchprov, so that’s good… but while I’ve been assured there’s been a significant management change, it’s one that I may only believe when I see it.  Yes, this is a bit vague.  If you know what I mean, good.  If not… sorry.  It’ll make more sense when CSz makes it a bit more official. Smile  And just for the record, my interest would only be as an audience member and supporter… I got burned once getting closer than that… and I do try to learn from my past…

You may recall I blogged a bit earlier in the year about the sudden influx of sports franchises into Richmond.  Well, the 2010 spring/summer season is over.  Both indoor football franchises made it through the season, the Kickers did well, and the Flying Squirrels were a smash.  The 2011 season is starting to take shape, and it’s getting interesting:

  • Let’s start with soccer, as the Kickers are, somewhat involuntarily, moving into a larger league.  Their old league, the USL Second Division, is merging back into the USL First Division (which played 2010 as half of the USSF Division II League alongside the breakaway NASL – please don’t ask me to explain, someone’s going to write a book about that fiasco) to create the USL PRO league.  This may lead to a larger travel footprint for the Kickers, which is exactly what they’d been trying to avoid when they dropped to USL-2.  I don’t know if USL PRO will last all that long – it appears to be as much negotiating ploy (with USSF and NASL) as a real league…
  • The IFL Revolution have put out a 2011 schedule for a second season at the Ashe Center, as SportsQuest is still a long way from being ready.  However, within a few weeks of the end of the 2010 season, the Revs lost their quarterback (and 2010 IFL MVP), top defensive lineman, and head coach – to the crosstown AIFA Raiders.
  • BUT… the Raiders have problems not of their own making.  The AIFA is falling apart.  As of now, it appears the AIFA’s two owners have divided the league.  The Raiders are part of AIFA East – which, reportedly, is talking to the Southern Indoor Football League (SIFL) about a purchase or merger.  BUT… the AIFA and SIFL are each owned by individuals (as opposed to being owned by the teams), and the teams aren’t too sure they want to be part of an AIFA East/SIFL merger – a couple of AIFA teams jumped to the IFL during the offseason, for example.  AND… the AIFA’s flagship franchise, the Baltimore Mariners, were purchased by funds embezzled by the team owner from another business.   Their future is in doubt.  Oops.  So while the Raiders have stolen purchased most of the Revs’ stars… they may not actually have a league to play in.
  • Of course, you saw my blog posts about the Squirrels’ future – for the next 2 years, they’ll be the affiliate of the 2010 National League Champion San Francisco Giants.  It’ll be interesting to see if Richmond remains enthusiastic about the Squirrels, or if the region’s “been there done that” attitude kicks in.  I’m hoping for the former, and fearing the latter.
  • And we still don’t have hockey in Richmond.  I don’t think we will until either (1) SportsQuest Arena is completed, at which point they’ve indicated they’d like to put a team into the ECHL, or (2) the SportsQuest project sinks, at which point someone will take a shot at putting a team in the Coliseum again.

Not much happening in my personal world, alas… so I’ll end this with a Happy Halloween.  Don’t overdo the candy!


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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