One day in the life…

…that really needed a rewrite. Smile

It started last night, actually, at 10:45 pm when the lights went out.  No, I didn’t turn them out.  The artist formerly known as Tropical Storm Nicole did.  My apartment complex made it through a day and a half of wind and rain and finally lost power as the storm was leaving town.  Go figure.

The problem is that, for those who haven’t guessed it already, is that (because of my size) I have sleep apnea.  I have an airflow device that helps me sleep at night… which doesn’t do a bit of good when there’s no power.  So now I get to try to sleep… which sort of works for a while.  We won’t know how much, in retrospect, because some idiot decides that a dark night (thanks to a lack of electricity and heavy cloud cover) is a good night to fire off a 20-minute fireworks barrage.  At 1:00 am.  Thanks, dude, whoever you are – and be glad that I don’t know. Smile

The good news, such as it is, is that the lights came back on after the fireworks show.  So at least I can get half-a-night’s sleep…

…it must’ve been pretty deep, as I didn’t notice I had rolled over on my shoulder and hurt it until I woke up.  So it’s 6:30 am, I’m getting up, and it hurts to raise my right arm.  Yay. Smile 

A couple of Advil (the last two in the apartment, of course) and I’m ready to face the day… the morning at work is busier than normal due to a combination of scheduling (1/3 of our staff is off on Fridays so they can work Sundays) and ongoing projects (long and even more boring story)… so by the time the Advil start to wear off, it’s almost lunch hour.

This is where I make the major mistake of the day.

As I’m heading out for lunch, I mention that I might be late coming back as I need to stop and pick up some more Advil.  One of my co-workers lets me know that she had some Percocet™ left over from a prescription a couple months back.  At this point, my shoulder is aching pretty badly so I do the one thing you never ever ever ever should do.  Not only did I accept the Percocet – I didn’t clarify the dosage amount.  So when she gave me two Percocet pills, I just assumed (dum dum dummmmmmm) that it was the proper dose, and took both of them. 

You figured it out, right?

She was giving me two doses.  Yes, I have now overmedicated myself.

At least my shoulder didn’t hurt for most of the afternoon.  On the other hand, I was light-headed, a bit drowsy, and by late afternoon, it felt like lunch might make a return visit (it didn’t).   If there was an upside, we stayed so busy that I didn’t have time to fall asleep… I managed to stay focused through the afternoon.  I was loopy as hell, and I’m sure I sounded somewhat less-than-professional on the phone, but I survived.  I think.

Driving home was a challenge – one I made easier by using quieter back roads so that if I did cause an accident, I wouldn’t take too many innocent casualties with me. Smile  There was no accident, fortunately.   I don’t advise driving on too much Percocet, though… not the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had.

The rest of the day turned out reasonably OK.  I laid down for a while to allow my head to stop spinning… then went out for some dinner – and ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  I knew it was a while because she wasn’t even pregnant the last time I saw her, and she’s about to burst now. Smile  Again, even with the rest and the long time since I took the Percocet, I’m sure I wasn’t as coherent as I would’ve liked to be.

And now, after these really fun 24 housr, I’m pretty sure I’m going to sleep like a brick tonight.   Unless we get fireworks round two… or another power outage… or aliens land… Smile Or maybe I still have too much Percocet in my system and I just *think* there are aliens landing…

Well… there’s a chance I could be more oddly entertaining than usual on Big Oldies tomorrow.    Feel free to tune in for the carnage.  10am-3pm (Eastern) at or 107.3/100.3 FM in Richmond.

But before I go…

*thud* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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