What about me?

OK, I’ve been blogging about everything but me, so I guess I need to catch up a bit…

* For those not on Facebook who may care, I’m employed again.  It was only 10 months… I know people who’ve waited longer.  I’m sort of back at WellPoint, but only partially.  I’m working for TEKsystems, under contract to Dell, and assigned to the HMC (Health Management Corporation) Helpdesk.  HMC is in the process of transitioning its name to Anthem Care Management as it becomes more aligned with mainline WellPoint, so my experience with the mothership will certainly help me at HMC.  It must mean something, as I worked the phones without shadowing today, my 5th day at the helpdesk. Smile  And I survived. 

* I’m still at Big Oldies, where the big news is that streaming is definitely coming soon, along with some tweakage to the playlist.  Looks like we’ll be updating a bit, as you might guess from our new tagline on the website, “Richmond’s Greatest Hits”.  We’re still using “The Greatest Hits of the ‘60s and ‘70s” on air, but that’ll change soon.  While I have no official information, I know that most oldies stations have added some or all of the ‘80s to their playlists, and I think that would be our next move.  No word on when streaming starts, but if you keep an eye on http://www.bigoldies1073.com, you’ll see a “Listen Live” link appear magically in the near future.

Those are the headlines, I guess…

Places I’ll be?  Glad you asked… Smile You will find me at Art6 most Saturday nights watching Paradox Comedy – it’s 2 hours of fun for $5, or about a third of the price of a movie.  However, there is no overpriced popcorn.  Sorry.  The Paradox has threatened to become vaguely organized, and may actually have a website in this lifetime.  I’ll let you know.  Long-term, with the word that there won’t be a Richmond Improv Festival this year, they are looking into an improv marathon around what would have been the same time frame.  Details, when they come, should be on the website, when it arrives.

The Richmond Comedy Coalition has “Cheap Laughs” available.  That’d be the name of their August show, Thursday, August 26, at Gallery 5.  The highlight will be an improv segment based on the “personal anecdotes” of a surprise Richmond celebrity.  No, it’s not me.  I’m only an occasional part-time celebrity.  Details at http://rvacomedy.com.

The next night brings something new to Richmond – and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s received.  Independent wrestling promotion Ring of Honor, that’s been running every few months in Manassas, has decided to shift gears and test the Richmond market.  Their first card is August 27 at the Old Dominion Building of the Richmond Raceway Complex.   Unless you’re a serious fan, you probably won’t know any of the names – but if you’re an old-school (pre-WWE/TNA) fan, you’ll appreciate the comparatively no-nonsense style.   Adding a bit to the intrigue, they just changed bookers (the guy who puts the card together and decides the results) yesterday… the Richmond show is their first not-for-television event with the new booker.  It will be… interesting.

And to cap off that weekend, there’s a new supergroup coming to Richmond’s outdoor Innsbrook Pavilion on August 29 – the “Dukes of September Revue” features Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, and Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen.   I’m afraid to commit to being there, because whenever I do so, it rains at Innsbrook.  Smile  But I’m certainly going to try to be there.

So that’s my corner of the world… I’m sure I’ll have something to say about the American Idol judges’ panel just as soon as they have one… and the Flying Squirrels’ long-term plans as soon as they have some… and me as soon as I have news. Smile 

See you on the radio…


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