Things I thought I’d think about…

…nothing major going on (one job interview, a couple of resumes nibbled at, but thus far no earth-shattering news)… so a few random thoughts just because I can…

I’m enjoying the FIFA World Cup.  The combination of the best soccer players in the world and the worst officiating and corporate hierarchy is just wonderful.  FIFA’s tinhorn dictator, Sepp Bladder Blatter, continues to show why he isn’t fit to sweep streets, while FIFA’s handpicked “best” officials can’t see obvious calls but can make ridiculous ones.  And no, I’m not just referring to the lost USA goals against Slovenia and Algeria… but the lost goal that took England out of the Cup (Germany simply doesn’t get the 3rd and 4th goals as easily if it’s 2-2 instead of 2-1) and the utterly absurd offside goal that Argentina was gifted.  Even more interesting, in four games, I don’t think any Spanish player has been given a yellow card in a tournament notorious for referees who pull players over more often than a South Carolina speed-trap sheriff.   Entirely coincidentally, Spain is FIFA’s top-ranked country and is a favorite to win the Cup.  But that said, the soccer itself has been fun to watch, for the most part.   The tournament resumes tomorrow and Saturday with quarterfinal games at 10 AM and 2:30 PM (Eastern)… the semifinals are Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:30 PM… and the final is next Sunday, July 11, at 2:30 PM.  That game will almost literally stop the world – they usually get a worldwide TV audience of over 1 billion for the World Cup final.   It’ll be more fun for our hemisphere in 2014, when the games are in Brasil and the finals will likely be in primetime.

Hard to believe that the 2010 baseball season is 3 months old and I’ve only made 2 Flying Squirrels games.  This weekend, it’ll be tough to fix that, with three fireworks games over the holiday – tonight, Saturday, and Sunday – with Sunday already sold out and Saturday sure to sell out long before game time.   You have to give the Squirrels credit, they have made baseball fun in Richmond again after the last few dismal years of Braves baseball… I think they really get the concept that minor-league baseball has to sell the experience, because that’s the part they can control.  They never know when a player might be called up, or sent down, but if they provide enough ancillary events, they can draw the crowds anyway.  In the near future, I’ll blog about the open question for 2011 – which organization the Squirrels will be part of – but for now, I have to get myself out to a game.  Soon. 🙂

Speaking of July 4, it’s going to be a bit odd this year, as I don’t have access to the perch I’ve used to watch fireworks the last few years – the Anthem parking lot is employees-only, sadly.   I’m sure there are other locations with a good view… guess I’ll have to do some scouting before the weekend.  Either that, or I’ll just go out to Colonial Downs and watch their fireworks.   Colonial’s advertising tagline is “Win Money, Have Fun”.  Generally, I get about half of that right. :)  One guess as to which half.  If you haven’t been out to Colonial Downs this season, you have 3 weeks.  They run Saturdays through Wednesdays, ending on July 21.

Speaking of driving around Richmond (that’s what we call a segue, not to be confused with a Segway), don’t be alarmed at the number of gas stations with sudden new corporate logos.  ChevronTexaco announced a few months ago that they were pulling out of most of the East Coast and mid-South, including Virginia, and that pullout is effective this week.  They’ve been working with the local gas stations to transition them to other brands, and that explains the sudden breakout of interim signs on stations all over Richmond.   So far I haven’t seen one convert to BP. :)  That’s probably a good thing.  Unfortunately, a couple have converted to Citgo, so I won’t be going to those, as I have a problem with handing my money (indirectly) to Venezuela’s tinhorn dictator, Hugo Chavez (not to be confused with FIFA’s tinhorn dictator, mentioned above).

And I can’t close out a random-thoughts blog without a quick mention of upcoming improv comedy here in Richmond, because I’m a fan and maybe someday I’ll find a few more fans out there. :)  Paradox Comedy returns July 10 at Art6, and the Richmond Comedy Coalition presents LOL SPILL (see what they did there?) on July 15 at Gallery5.  You should look into them, if you’re in Richmond.  If you’re not in Richmond, someone’s probably doing improv near you.

OK, I think I’m done typing… I have enough time to get some stuff done before Wipeout on ABC… really, watching people splash, crash, fall, trip, and stumble through the obstacle courses never gets old.  It’s cheap humor, but funny none-the-less.  Actually, it’s been funnier than some of the stuff on Last Comic Standing.  The hosts on Wipeout are definitely better, and that may be part of the problem on LCS.

As always… see you on the radio. 🙂


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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