Stuff that is random

I haven’t blogged in a while – and I certainly haven’t blogged about anything that isn’t related to American Idol… so I’m here to fix that.

Unfortunately, I’m still unemployed.  This job market is just awful, and being a veteran at what I do is probably not helping – I cost too much.   But I’m still looking, and if you know of a tech support position (or other related Information Technology job), feel free to let me know.   If you don’t already have my email address, you can reach me through the About page on the blog.

I got to go see Barenaked Ladies in concert last Friday at the Innsbrook Pavilion… and it didn’t rain! :)  If you know my history with Innsbrook concerts, you know that’s a change.  It was a fun show, with a good crowd (lots of families, and it appeared there were quite a few real young’uns who were attending their first concert, even if they’ll never remember it)… if you were there and want to show it, or weren’t there but want to check out the setlist, hit  There was one thing that I didn’t quite get – three “adults” stood behind me during the first 2/3 of the show (they left right before BNL got into their greatest hits segment) and carried on a loud, meaningless conversation the whole time.  Not only didn’t they care that anyone else might have wanted to hear BNL perform (I could, but I had to focus a bit), but they didn’t seem to really have any interest in the show.  When BNL didn’t perform their favorite songs early enough, they bailed.   Let’s just say they’re not the brightest lights in the chandelier, and move on.

Richmond’s improv community celebrates a milestone next week with the Richmond Comedy Coalition’s first anniversary show, “Live Comedy Dead Serious”.  It’s Thursday night at Gallery5 – and several expatriate Richmonders are coming back to perform, so it’s looking like a really solid night. 

The following week, it’s Paradox Comedy’s second 3-on-3 Invitational Improv Tournament of Champions at Art6 (June 25-26).  The first one was a blast, and everyone who participated can claim to be defending champions – since, to this day, results have never been announced. 🙂

And, finally, my friend John Porter is organizing a night of standup at the Gay Community Center (near the Diamond in Richmond) on June 19.  It’s the first of what looks like a monthly series there.  Here’s a Facebook event link, which might not work if you’re not a Facebooker.

Oh, almost forgot… since this is going up on a Friday night… listen to me on Big Oldies 107.3 this weekend… Saturday 10am-3pm… Sunday noon-5pm… it’s more fun than working in public relations for BP!


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