American Idol 9 Finals: Week 10 Results


One of two things will happen tonight:

  • The inevitable departure of Casey James, which will leave a lot of Idol fans bitching – either that he survived so long, or that he didn’t make the finale.  Mostly, though, it’ll be carping about the “pre-ordained” finale happening next week.
  • A shock departure, which will leave a lot of Idol fans bitching – either that Lee didn’t get recognized for his “growth”, or that Crystal was undercut by the judges.  Mostly, though, it’ll be carping that the “pre-ordained” finale didn’t happen.  Of course, VFTW will be thrilled if this happens. 

Yes, it’s a no-win situation for Idol.   Their clumsy casting, their inability to restrain the judges (and the growing belief that the judges are scripted), their refusal to implement a fair voting system (leaving us at the mercy of tweens and bored housewives), and their awful theme choices have ruined this season.  The winner will get a recording contract, but I suspect that respect (and album sales) will be harder to find. 

Also tonight – the performance that Justin Bieber taped months ago, and… um… a lot of other filler.

Earlier tonight, word got out that Megan Fox’s 15 minutes of fame have started winding down.  Whose 15 minutes of Idol fame ends… TONIGHT~!?

Showtime – 9:00 pm Eastern

Montage: hometown week… last night’s judges’ comments and backstage interviews… and into the intro… *cue the music*

Wow… 47 million votes last night… and we get Justin Bieber and someone I’ve never heard of tonight (what is a “Travis Garland”, exactly?)… but first, four people I wish I hadn’t heard of… here are the judges… and then, coming out from center stage, the three survivors of this season’s aimless death march… who are escorted over to the couch for a brief interview.

Casey says he had no expectations of passing the first audition… and then just kept trying to get to the next level… but it didn’t sink in until he went home.

Crystal notes that viewers don’t see how much work goes into the show – it’s more than just one song a week.

Lee echoes that point, and says Idol has made him a better person.

Seacrest asks… did you picture winning?  Casey said “no” rather quickly. :)  Crystal has thought about winning, but is “cool about whatever happens”.  Lee wants to win, but winning seems “so far away” until you’re almost there.

On the topic of balancing Idol and their lives outside the show… I guess the answer came in three wry laughs. 🙂

I won’t be recapping the judges’ comments, because I really don’t care what they have to say. :)  The good news is that after Randy filibustered, there wasn’t time for anyone else to talk.

I will say this – we are learning more about these three singers in this 5-minute segment than the show has given us all season.  That, in retrospect, is not a good thing.

Break… before we get into the Hometown Week segments…

But wait… it’s still the Really Annoying And Always Useless Ford Video.  *yawn*

We go into Hometown Week video with Casey, heading back to Texas.  I really can’t do these justice.  Fortunately, MJ’s Big Blog has a ton of YouTube and Fox video linked for each visit.  Here’s the Casey Collection.  The official montages will no doubt hit in the next day or so.

OK, I do have to mention the shot of the words “Hi, Simon” written in duct tape… on a horse’s ass.  I kid you not.  I believe stills exist on the interwebs.

Post-video, Casey gets a center-stage one-on-one with Ryan. 

Break… after which we find out what a “Travis Garland” is… and after we get the spot for the Idol/Simpsons crossover episode this Sunday…

Apparently, 19 or Fox owes someone a favor.  Travis Garland is going solo after his boy band NLT broke up last year after making no impact at all.  Oh, wait, this is a Perez Hilton “discovery”.   I’m already underwhelmed and Garland hasn’t performed yet.   Hilton’s live in the audience, but the song appears to be a pre-tape…

Wow.  Autotune on the first notes of the song.  Even better.

Think of any boy band singer who went solo.  Add some Autotune.  You have Travis Garland’s first single, “Believe”, which just happened to hit iTunes yesterday.  This is the kind of filler we won’t see on the 30-minute results shows next season.  Yay.

That was several minutes of my life I won’t get back… yes, it was by my choice, thanks for reminding me, unheard/unseen voice… we’re in a break before the next Hometown Week segment…

We come back to Ryan’s first AI10 audition announcement – Nashville, New Orleans, Jersey City (!), and San Francisco.  Dates aren’t posted yet.

Crystal’s Hometown Week video is up next… here’s the backstory at MJ’s.

No break, and we move right into Lee’s video… here’s MJ’s linkage.  I enjoyed seeing Chicagoland (I lived there from 1991-94, less than a mile from Arlington Park, and go back every year to visit the family at Christmas – without the motorcade, of course).  Damn… I can tell you that Arlington Park is usually only that full for Million Day.  🙂

Break… the Justin Bieber pre-tape is next (those poor screaming kids at Television City, I hope they know they’re watching their hero on the Idoltron)…

Look, it’s Justin Bieber.  Since I’m not a girl between the ages of 12 and 17, I’ll be back when this is over…

Break… we’ve killed 54 minutes.  I guess we should find out who’s going home, right?

Dim the lights… here we go…

  • They get their judges’ readbacks… Lee first, then Crystal, then Casey.
  • The first finalist is… Lee Dewyze.
  • The second finalist is… Crystal Bowersox.  Because of the noisy studio, she couldn’t tell if she was safe or being sent home.  However, she’s still here, and in the anticlimax of all anticlimaxes…
  • Casey James is going home tonight. 
  • He’s singing “Daughters” as his Last Song.
  • We close with the Farewell Montage.

I suspect Kara would be heartbroken, if it weren’t for the fact she’ll see Casey next week at the Neverending Finale.

Lee and Crystal sing for the title on Tuesday (8/7c).  And then… the epic fail finale of this hardly-epic season, next Wednesday at 8/7c.  Remember, it’s set to run at least 2 hours 7 minutes, but can be expected to run even longer.  DVR accordingly.  Your late local news is next… and if you live in a city where any Idol Top Three performer lived during their season, expect to see a “fond look back” at their hometown visit.  Here in Richmond, our Fox station has already billboarded the Elliot Yamin retrospective… 🙂


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