Richmond improv: an overdue update

As one of the few non-participant fans of Richmond improv comedy, it seems incumbent on me to keep reminding everyone that there is local, live, improv comedy in Richmond.  So put away the Whose Line DVDs and come see a show this week…

Richmond Comedy Coalition
Thursday (5/20), 8pm, Gallery 5
”MASS HYSTERICS”, this month’s show from RCC, features standup comedy (James Paulk, taking the opportunity to record a live CD), improv (featuring the trio who really are the on-stage and off-stage core of the RCC, Middle Management), and something innovative (The Bat, an improv set that will be performed lights-out to simulate an “old-time radio show” – I predict hilarity, minor injuries, and perhaps some friendly groping will ensue)… $7 gets you in.  There is a cash bar, so if you feel that alcohol makes improv funnier… there you are.  For details, click me.

Random Acts Improv Comedy
Friday (5/21) and Saturday (5/22), 7:30/9 pm, HATTheatre
Random Acts is one of Richmond’s longest-running (they really should slow down – see what I did there?) improv troupes, with roots back to one of the area’s first troupes, Take 5.  They run two shows each night, both are 60-75 minute short-form sets, with the early show being friendly for the entire family, while the late show is usually friendlier for the Manson family. :)   OK, I kid… but the late show is definitely 18+.   It’s $5 for a single show, $8 if you’re planning on doing the double.  For details, hit me.

Looking ahead, the Richmond Funny Bone’s house troupe, Fools Day Comedy, returns on Wednesday, June 9.  Details at the Funny Bone website.

And finally, an event that was a smash the first time is coming back in June.  Paradox Comedy, a troupe that is best defined by the fact that you simply can’t define them, is organizing its second 3-on-3 Invitational Improv Tournament of Champions in June (tentatively, June 18-19 at Art6).  It’s an opportunity for teams of 3 improvisers to try things they may not have done before, or for three people who haven’t played together to give it a shot.  The first run, back in December, was fun – and notable for the fact that every team could claim to be the winner (as no winner was announced).  If you are an improviser in the Richmond area, and you want to be part of the event, contact Paradox Comedy.  There are three known ways to do so:

  • Email:
  • Facebook: “Like” their page, and then leave a message.
  • Show up: Come to a show and talk to Thomas George or Zach Arnold.  As befits the Paradox, their next show is currently TBA. 🙂

Smoke signals may work, but I haven’t tried that lately, as I don’t smoke.

Hope to see you (that’s right, you) at a show soon…

As for me… American Idol’s penultimate week of season 9 starts tonight… look for the least-read recap on the Internet around 9 pm. 🙂


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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