American Idol 9 Finals: Week 10


It’s hard to drum up a lot of enthusiasm for tonight’s show – it seems almost inevitable that Casey James will screw up at least one of his songs tonight, and yet he may wind up going through to the final.  We know VFTW is hoping for that.

I’ve reached the same point with Crystal Bowersox this season that I was with David Cook 2 years ago – knowing that they were more deserving, and yet hoping they’d lose so they didn’t get their careers sabotaged by 19 Entertainment.  So I don’t know if I’d be upset if Casey’s fanclub (combined with the Worsters) managed to derail Crystal’s coronation.  On the one hand, you’d like the best performer to win.  On the other hand, that means a wasted album and a lost year.  I’m waffling.

Anyway, on to a show where the singing probably doesn’t even matter.  Those who are motivated to vote tonight – mostly AT&T customers, mostly female, mostly ages 12-17 – are going to do what they want, no matter what we hear between 8-9 pm.   Fire up the montage machine, here we go… TONIGHT~!?

Showtime – 8:00 pm Eastern

Hmm… no montage, just a reminder that this is Hometown Week… because…

THIS… is American Idol! *cue the music*

As Ryan is beating home, this is the Fight for the Finale, as we cut from three to two… and here are the judges who got us into this mess… 🙂

Next week, we’ll be at LA Live… with two of these three singers (Crystal leads them out tonight)… and it’s a two-song week.  One singer’s choice, one judges’ choice.  We dive right in with Casey’s choice…

Casey – “OK, It’s Alright With Me”, Eric Hutchinson – Center-stage interview leading to his song… he’s on guitar… Good choice for his singing style…  a nice, professional, recordable song.  t’s just not the kind of “moment” song Idol looks for at this point… nice, but possibly forgettable.

We’re in three-toll-free-number territory tonight… that’s how you can tell it’s Srs Bsns. :)   Off to break, with Crystal’s choice next…

Crystal – “Come To My Window”, Melissa Etheridge – She gets the Red Room treatment, and is on guitar and harmonica… Another good song choice… she gets a bit shouty at times (more than the song really needs), but it’s a rousing, rocking, really well done version of the song.   This is another song I’d want to hear the full version of. 

Off to make some more money for Fox… did Seacrest say that Lee is doing Skynryd?  Seriously?  Well, I guess he figures he needs a bit of a gamble to make the final…

Lee – “Simple Man”, Lynyrd Skynryd – Red Room interview… he’s on guitar… I wasn’t sure about the song choice at first, but as he got into it, I’d say he did well with it… again, not quite the Idol Moment, but a solid, entertaining version… I liked it, but I think the judges are being a bit over the top (one wonders if they are, perhaps, trying to slow down the Crystal Express?)…

Halftime SCORECARD: Crystal > Lee > Casey

Off to break… Hometown Week video, and judges’ choice songs… next…

Casey (picked by Randy/Kara) – “Daughters”, John Mayer – First stop: Cool, Texas… where he gets the song choice at the AT&T Store (of course)… on guitar again… I’m not convinced on the song choice… and I’m not seeing the “vulnerability” Kara said he needed to show here… nice, but not the homerun the judges seemed to be looking for… Dear Judges: if you want to know why this show is bleeding viewers, the long and pointless “argument” after this performance is Exhibit A.

I guess we’re getting much more Hometown Week video tomorrow… we’ll see Crystal outside a random AT&T store in Ohio… after the break… and a plug-by-audience-placement for “The Good Guys”, premiering tomorrow on Fox…

Crystal (picked by Ellen) – “Maybe I’m Amazed”, Paul McCartney – And, as noted, it’s the AT&T Product Placement Clip… No guitar or harmonica, just Crystal sitting on the spiral stairs… I had high hopes for this song when the judges’ list leaked out… Ellen said she wanted to see “range”… damn, did we get it… THIS is what we were waiting for.  Terrific, relatable, fun, entertaining.  Best of the night so far.

Up next, the conflict-of-interest song choice (Cowell owns the publishing rights of this song)… but first, another break…

Lee (picked by Simon) – “Hallelujah”, Leonard Cohen (Jeff Buckley) – Yes, you’ve heard this song before, Tim Urban did it earlier this season… Lee got his text on a plane, instead of at a cellular store… Lee’s on guitar… and I have no idea what Cowell was thinking… this song is a trap… and Lee walked right into it.  OK, I don’t like the song… but this wasn’t a moment, this was another song choice… again, solid and professional, but… not quite all that.  Please ignore anything Cowell says about this song, as he is looking to line his pockets. 🙂

SCORECARD: Crystal > Lee/Casey (too close to separate).  They were all very good tonight… Crystal was better.

The Big Finish:

  • My vote: Crystal
  • My elimination: flip a coin… Casey, because he really doesn’t belong this far to start with…

(Any surprise, folks?)

We find out the finalists tomorrow at 9/8c, and Justin Bieber will screech… but not even NPH can get me to watch Glee, next on Fox…


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