Richmond radio: Y101 gets torched, turns Hot

The second shoe dropped at 2pm today.

With Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”, Cox Radio ended the 8-year alt-rock battle in Richmond with a white flag… and a challenge to another Clear Channel station.

WDYL-FM is now “Hot 100.9”, billed as Richmond’s New #1 Hit Music Station.  As expected, they’re streaming at  They’re also arrived on Facebook as “The New Hot 100.9”.  They’re launching with a fairly typical stunt for a new CHR (Top 40) station – “10,000 Songs In A Row – Commercial-Free”.   That works out to about a month, so I’d be looking for DJ’s and commercials to arrive near or just after Memorial Day.

Of course, they’re going after Clear Channel’s Q94, which has been the unchallenged Top 40 station in Richmond for years… but which has suffered not-so-benign neglect as CC goes broke.  Q94 is basically a satellite Top 40, with almost no real connection to Richmond.  Worse, someone who knows Q94 well – former morning and afternoon host Melissa Chase – is ready and waiting at Cox Richmond (I believe she’s Assistant Program Director for Hot 100.9, but that is from a half-remembered newspaper article). 

Will Richmond switch to Hot 100.9?  If so, what will Clear Channel do with Q94?  Or will the two stations be content to split the Top 40 audience in the same way that Y101 and CC’s 102.1 the X split the alt-rock audience for so long?

And how does this affect the radio group I work for? 🙂

We shall, as the saying goes, soon see…

DISCLAIMER: I work weekends for Big Oldies 107.3 (WBBT-FM/WARV-FM), which is owned by Main Line Broadcasting.  Main Line also owns 98.9 Liberty (WWLB-FM) and 93.1 the Wolf (WLFV-FM).  The opinions in this blog, or in any of my “Richmond radio” blogs, are mine and mine alone.


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