American Idol 9 Finals: Week 7 Results

I don’t think any results would be a surprise tonight – even something as stunning as Crystal getting voted off wouldn’t be a major surprise, as although she’s a far better singer and performer than the rest, she doesn’t have as fanatical a voting base as some. 

DialIdol said that Aaron is the only one who’s safe – but has since retracted that as their results appear to have been skewed by one caller in Pennsylvania who managed to generate hundreds of bogus busy signals for Aaron.

If The Price Is Right is “Television’s Most Exciting Hour”, this is “Television’s Least Exciting Hour”, as FOX continues to stretch a 10-minute task to a 60-minute show… 🙂 but we all watch anyway, don’t we?  So… who’s going home… TONIGHT~!?

It’s another control-room-based montage to start the show… last night’s highlights, backstage shots, and control room video… on our way to the opening credits…

THIS… is American Idol!  *cue the music*

Ryan hypes 33 million votes (all texted from 7 bored teenagers in Oshkosh)… 🙂 and lots of performances from people you’ve heard of… and then introduces the Drab Four… er… the judges.  But there’s no time to wait, and we don’t even bring out the finalists for the Awkward Lip-Sync yet, as we have a live performance on stage…

It’s Rascal Flatts with “Unstoppable” to start the show.  You know it’s live, because Ryan interviewed the band, and hyped a Rascal Flatts/Shakira first-of-its-kind performance later in the night… and he also remembered to point out the reason we’re supposed to be here (the six finalists, lest you forgot)…


Back for Useless behind-the-scenes footage from the Useless Ford Video… apparently, Ford has run out of creativity and is doing a vampire gimmick for the video, although it appears that Idol’s vampires don’t sparkle.   Of course, we go right into the Useless Ford Video.  Siobhan is a bit too convincing of a vampire.  I’m just sayin’…

From the shilling for Ford, we go to shilling for Shrek IV: DreamWorks Cashes In.  The finalists get to do some voice work… although we need to clarify the non-joke title of the movie… is it Shrek: Forever After (as Ryan keeps saying) or Shrek: The Final Chapter (as the advertising indicates)?  Anyway, Seacrest did a cameo voiceover in the movie, thus we get this whole waste of time, along with appearances by Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz.

As voiced by Banderas as Puss In Boots… “dim the lights, here we go…” there’ll be three groups of two on stage…

  • Group One starts with Siobhan.
  • Aaron is the first into Group Two.
  • And Group Three starts with Michael.
  • Lee is placed with Siobhan.
  • Casey gets to stand with Michael, leaving Crystal to stand next to Aaron.  While this is being set up, Kara claims that she supports Casey for reasons other than his good looks.  You’re not fooling us, Kara. 🙂

Now that we have our groups, Ryan has to do something with them.

  • Siobhan is moved to Group Three, at which point we find out that they – Siobhan, Casey, and Michael – are tonight’s Bottom Three.
  • In other words, we will see Crystal, Aaron, and Lee next week.  They are safe.  I’m mildly surprised.  I figured Aaron would at least reach the Bottom Three – maybe that DialIdol caller wasn’t bogus after all? 🙂


Back to learn that Harry Connick Jr. will mentor “Sinatra Week” next week.  Yes, that’s Frank Sinatra.  Let’s hear it for contemporary music on Idol!   No, I don’t have a problem with this, other than the fact that the contestants are being set up for pointless and unfair bashing by the judges for “not sounding current”.

Next, Ryan throws to a pretaped segment in which Carrie Underwood introduces Sons of Sylvia (who’ve been opening for and working with Carrie a while, including on her current tour, and who are signed to 19 Recordings, a label name that should sound familiar), promoting their newly-released “Revelation” album with the single “Love Left To Lose”.  The “Play On” tour is actually in Charleston, WV tonight (after it stopped here in Richmond last night).

Break… If Sons of Sylvia look familiar, they won FOX’s Next Great American Band competition in 2007 as The Clark Brothers.  Thanks, Wikipedia, for that potentially-accurate information! 

Back to another performance – also pre-taped (at the results show two weeks ago, according to their MySpace)… Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”.

Segue back to the Bottom Three with Ryan as he throws to…


Back to Television City for Shakira’s “Gypsy”, backed by Rascal Flatts, live.  So live, apparently, that Ryan joked that Shakira had just arrived in the studio…

Dim the lights… someone’s going to safety… after some banter to kill a few minutes (my goodness, is the show running early?)…

  • After asking Michael how it feels to be in the Bottom Three, Ryan gives him the good news… Michael is safe.
  • But before we find out who’s leaving, we have to take a…


That was quick.  Back to see who’s checking out…

  • After some brief stalling, Siobhan is going home (until the tour in July).  Casey is safe.
  • So it’s Crystal against the boys for the 9th Idol title.  This will be… interesting.
  • At least Siobhan gets to sing one last time, unlike Tim Urban last week.  She leaves with “Think”… and some advice from the judges (DON’T LISTEN, GIRL!)…

Sinatra Week arrives Tuesday at 8/7c.   Your late local news is next.


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