American Idol 9 Finals: Week 5 Results

There will be no save tonight.  Two of the 9 remaining contestants will go home tonight (until the finale, and the tour).

Needless to say, the pressure is on. 

Will we be surprised when the eliminated contestants are revealed… TONIGHT?!

We open with black-and-white footage of the save being used last week… and then color video of the contestants in Vegas with mentor Adam Lambert… and the montage… (there’s a lot of ground being covered here)… and the obligatory opening line… 🙂

THIS… is American Idol! *cue the music*

Enter Ryan, hyping the vote total for the first time in a while (34 million votes)… hyping performances by Brooke White & Justin Gaston (Miley Cyrus’ ex), and by Adam Lambert… and the double-elimination.

After the judges are introduced, it’s the Awkward Lip-Synched Elvis Medley!  It was made more awkward by whatever the hell that was that Katie called a dance move… quite honestly, that segment was the kind of thing I’d expect to see in a Disney cruise lounge revue… by the end, it sounded like Disney had produced it… the very type of karaoke bull that Simon has railed against for years!

This is the pointless stuff that’d be dropped if Idol takes my advice and goes to a 30-minute results show next season.  Too bad they won’t take that advice, because the reality is that they’ll make more on ads for this dreary filler than they will for any sitcom that FOX’s poor excuse for a programming department will greenlight.

We’re back, for the Pointless Ford Music Video.  I’ll be back when it’s over.

Dim the lights, here we go…

  • Casey is summoned first… along with Aaron and Andrew.  They get to go to center stage… after they get their critiques…
  • Andrew has been voted off.
  • Aaron and Casey are safe.

File this under “no surprise at all”… Andrew sings his farewell with the James Morrison song he sang back in the semifinals, “You Give Me Something”. 

Six contestants left, one of them is going home… but first…

a break…

We return to some publicity for Idol Gives Back next week, in the form of a video with Elliot Yamin and Kara Dioguardi in Africa.  Maybe next time, they can leave her there?  I kid, I kid… as far as you know.

From there, we get the Brooke White/Justin Gaston duet, which came together when Brooke visited the set of Justin’s reality webseries, “If I Can Dream”, which happens to be produced by Idol majordomo Simon Fuller.  “If I Can Dream” is a kind of “Big Brother” for wannabe D-Listers without all the petty carping and silly contests.  And it’s on the web, not a network.  And you probably haven’t heard of it.  So it’s not really a kind of “Big Brother” at all, is it?

Oh, right, there’s singing going on… and it’s… well… “If I Can Dream”, written as the finale of the legendary 1968 NBC “Elvis” comeback special.  More results to come, but first…

a break…

Coming back to “dim the lights… here we go…”

  • The remaining six contestants are all called up from the couch to center stage.
  • The contestants are getting the readbacks of last night’s critiques… I’ll update when there’s something new to report… 🙂
  • The readbacks are done…
  • Crystal is the first to hear she’s safe
  • Siobhan is safe… mild surprise…
  • Lee is walked back to the couches by Ryan, as he’s safe
  • Your Bottom “Three of Four” is Tim, Michael, and Katie… but which one is leaving?  That’s for the producers to know, and for us to find out… after…

a break…

…and the announcement of next week’s theme (Inspirational Music) and mentor (Alicia Keys).   Fire up the trains, there’s a wreck a-brewin’… and on that note, Adam Lambert doing his single “Whataya Want From Me?”  Don’t answer that. 🙂

Interesting… I assumed this was pretape, but it must be live (the giveaway is that Ryan does a post-song chat [almost] exclusively for live shots)… did Adam say that doing music is “like a full-time job”?  Wouldn’t it be a full-time job?  Well, we have three contestants waiting to see which one is fired… but first…

a break…

6 minutes remain in the hour… time to eliminate the second victim… dim the lights…

  • Quickly going back to safety is Tim!!!! VFTW SCORES AGAIN!!!
  • So, did the judges waste the save, or is RoboKatie being deactivated?
  • The survivor was NOT in the Bottom Three.
  • And that survivor is Michael.  Katie has been voted off.

Katie takes us to the closing montage with a very wobbly and emotional (yes, emotional) “Let It Be”.  Seeing Katie in tears, I *almost* regret the RoboKatie joke… but if she’d showed any emotion during her performances, she might not be leaving…

It’s a one-hour performance show next Tuesday (in front of “Glee Does Madonna”), followed by the 2-hour “Idol Gives Back” special Wednesday, both at 8/7c.  Apparently, unlike previous “Gives Back” specials, there will be a contestant eliminated during the fund-raiser.  Your late local news is next…


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