American Idol 9 Finals: Week 3 Results

It’s pretty much unanimous across the spectrum of Idol bloggers – Tim Urban’s remarkable back-from-elimination run is over.  Of course, you know what that means.  What will American Idol do to toy with our expectations… TONIGHT!?

For the second straight week, the voting (as tallied semi-scientifically by DialIdol) is so close that all they think they know is that Crystal is safe.  Everyone else is too close to call.

For tonight’s cold open, it’s a mock “Clash of the Titans” trailer featuring the Touring Ten… and Simon Cowell as the Kraken.

Why?  Because this is America’s #1 TV show… America’s top marketing machine… THIS… is American Idol! *cue the music*

We are reminded that the save is in play as Ryan introduces the judges… and the top 10… and the 2nd Idol, Ruben Studdard, who sings us into the show with “Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More”.

And we go to break… hmm… the downside of watching the show live… no fast-forward… 🙂

We’re back.  Just in time for another insipid Ford video.  This week’s victim is “Kung Fu Fighting”.  Have they no shame?

After that piffle, it’s time for Ryan to talk to the contestants.  Also known as “filler”.  We also get B-Roll from London of the “Clash of the Titans” cast congratulating the Top Ten… and here we go…

  • Lee is called up first… Simon calls him a potential finalist… which means it’s a good thing that Lee is safe.
  • Casey is next… and is safe.
  • Aaron faces the music… and generates another uncomfortable moment with Simon… as the sniping between Ryan and Simon… and Simon and the rest of the panel… gets very oldPoor Aaron has to sit through all that tripe to find out he’s safe.
  • Siobhan and Katie are asked to stand together… Katie is in the Bottom Three, Siobhan is safe.  And Simon gloated a bit over it, then promptly denied it.

The producers need to do something to pretend that they have control over the show – the Ryan/Simon crap has to end, now, before it drives viewers away.  It’s not funny, not entertaining, and not needed.  In case you hadn’t guessed, this part was typed during the commercial break before…

…we come back to the announcement of next week’s theme – Lennon/McCartney songs.  So, of course, we can expect the judges to bitch about the singers not being contemporary again…

…next, the Evil One… I mean… a quick interview with Justin Bieber (who will be taping a future Idol segment after the live show), after which we throw to Usher (featuring and AutoTune) singing “OMG” from his new album.

…and right off to break after “Oh My AutoTune”…

As we return, back to determining the Bottom Three…

  • Didi is first from the second group… and is in the Bottom Three.
  • Michael is next… no surprise here, he’s safe (after the overused Ryan Swerve, which gets Ryan lifted up over Michael’s head)…
  • Crystal is next, as we’re not even teasing a surprise… she is safe.
  • Which leaves Tim and Andrew to determine one last spot across the stage… after some pointless bantering… Andrew is safe, and Tim takes the utterly-expected Bottom Three journey.

At this point, it’s time to save one of the Bottom Three… and it’s… the robo-Idol, Katie.

Tim or Didi is going home (hey, I called this!)… but first, a commercial break…

…here’s the break…

…followed by a strobe-lighting warning… and then Diddy-Dirty Money (and more AutoTune) with “Hello Good Morning”.

…one last break, to extend the torture (and create an overrun, most likely)…

Now, let’s find out who’s (potentially) singing for their Idol future…

  • STUNNER!  VFTW VICTORY!  Tim is safe.  Homeboy’s got more lives than a cat.
  • Didi is singing for her second chance.  She’s doing “Rhiannon”.
  • She’s doing it badly – I don’t think this will save her.
  • We’re into the overrun.
  • Simon delivers the official verdict.  It’s over.  Didi will not be saved, and is going home tonight.  But she’ll be on the Idol 2010 Summer Tour!
  • Time for the “Leave Right Now” montage…

Wow.  The women of Idol are being decimated… 3 weeks of finals, 3 women go home.  The odds are, the guys will start falling like dominoes, possibly as soon as next week.

Lennon/McCartney Week next week… Tuesday at 8/7c, Wednesday at 9/8c.  Your (delayed) late local news is next…


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