American Idol 9 Finals: Week 2 Results

Delayed a bit due to my off-air obligations with VCU Rams Radio… the Rams beat Boston University tonight to advance to the best-of-3 finals of the College Basketball Invitational, which – for our purposes – means I’ll probably be doing a delayed blog again next Wednesday… :)  This is all live-on-DVR, so I haven’t looked at the results on the Internet.  Yet.

Cold Open joined in progress as my DVR’s time appears to be a bit off… it’s the aftermath of last week’s elimination, and highlights (?) of Miley Cyrus’ alleged mentorship… someone’s going home (unless they’re saved, which won’t happen as it will mess up the next item)… and missing the tour… who will it be… TONIGHT!?

THIS… is American Idol… *cue the music*

Oh… no… they… din’t… they’re lip-synching “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”.  Do I fast-forward… or watch, in horror?  I chose horror.  Don’t think any less of me.

After the fast-forwarded break…

We come back to the Top 11 on the couch, after we get the god-awful Ford video.  Maimed this week… “Our Time Now”, by someone or some group I need to research before submitting this post.

When Ryan asks how they’re doing, the contestants’ silence indicates that the answer was “terrified”.  Who can blame them… Dial Idol has projected that only Crystal is safe – everyone else is on the firing line.  We find out that Siobhan’s boss is growing an Idol beard… Katie’s dad can’t watch the results shows in-studio, so he goes across the street and drinks his nerves away… and Big Mike knows how to use a baby carrier.

The Bottom Three ceremonial stools are ready… dim the lights…

  • Siobhan goes first… and is the first one going on tour.  She screeched her way to safety.
  • Lee and Casey are both summoned… and are both asked to wait while…
  • Tim and Paige are asked to rise… and both are in the Bottom Three… left unsaid, it appears that Lee and Casey may have made the tour.


Ryan announces the Week 3 theme… “R&B/Soul”… with mentor Usher.  This could be interesting.

I’m going to watch Miley Cyrus sing.  Why?  I want to determine if this performance would have gotten her on Idol. :)  Who decided that Miley behind a piano was a good idea?  She’s really pitchy, dawg… fast-forward…

After the song, a look at proud papa (and 2010 Razzie winner) Billy Ray… and a lot of tweens screaming… and Ryan interviews Miley about last night’s show.  She manages to add absolutely nothing to the discussion, and sounds like a 40-year-old after 20 years of chain smoking.  Yeesh.

Fast-forwarding the break…

Oh, cool… Idol Gives Head Back is 4 weeks away.  I’m whelmed.   Not over- or under-… just whelmed.

Ryan confirms now that Lee and Casey are, indeed, touring.  Six singers, one seat in the Bottom Three…

  • Aaron gets his critique… and is on the tour.
  • Didi Panini (a slip of Ryan’s tongue I missed last night) is next… she shoots back at the judges for their inconsistent criticism… and… after we listen to the judges defend their inanity… she… is… going on tour.
  • Michael is next… and needs more babysitters, he’s going on tour.
  • Crystal is up to get the obvious coronation… and when asked whose advice she’s going to listen to, said “Me’”.  She’s the reason I may buy tickets to the tour… as she is going to be there.
  • Katie and Andrew are last… one of them goes to the Silver Stools… one goes on tour… and Katie goes to the Bottom Three… Andrew has made the tour.

The Bottom Three are summoned to center stage, so one can be sent back to the couches (and the tour)… and the 9th touring finalist is… Katie.  To no surprise at all, Tim and Paige are still awaiting their fate…


OK, Disney Night continues with Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato.  I’ll give this a chance.  It’s your typical Disney Duet (TM)… fast-forward…

After the duet… Ryan jokes about “chemistry” between Joe and Demi (perhaps a shot at the Jonas brothers’ notorious celebrity dating merry-go-round)… Ryan asks what advice they’d give, and they add absolutely nothing to the discussion…


…to the moment we waste an hour (or, in this case, 35 minutes due to creative fast-forwarding) for… who’s singing for their Idol future (and not being saved, as I write this before the reveal)?

  • Tim and Paige are center stage…
  • After the vote… Paige Miles has to sing for her future.  Tim Urban is going on tour… VFTW VICTORY!!!! 🙂
  • Simon quickly shoots down the possibility of a save… telling her it’s a sing-off tonight.
  • As Paige leaves us, we’re left with 6 guys and 4 girls on the tour… kind of a surprise, as Idol prefers equal numbers.  Since she’s not being saved, the “Leave Right Now” montage is played first, and she’ll sing us out tonight.
  • Paige decided to go out with “All Right Now”… and it’s done.

R&B and Soul are coming up Tuesday at 8/7c… and the cut from 10 to 9 is Wednesday at 9/8c.  If you’re in Richmond, I’ll see you on the radio… Friday 3-7pm (for Tony Booth), Saturday 10am-3pm, Sunday noon-5pm on Big Oldies 107.3.  Otherwise, see you for the Big Recap Tuesday night… 🙂

Tonight’s Viral Video bonus, for putting up with the mere mention of Miley Cyrus… is from two of Richmond’s (intentionally) funniest people… enjoy “Footlooser”…


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Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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