Non-Idol Stuff (Really!)

I know I blog a lot about American Idol – frankly, there’s not a lot going on (for the most part) that interests me enough to take the time to post.

However, there are some things to poke at today:

  • The SyFy series “Caprica” has it wrong.  The first Cylon wasn’t the child of a brilliant scientist.  The first Cylon was Tiger Woods.  If you saw his interviews on ESPN or Golf Channel, or his press briefing earlier this month, you know what I mean.  There is no trace of human emotion there.  Good thing for him he’s unspeakably rich.
  • Speaking of unspeakable… Kate Gosselin will continue to show her abilities as a parent by appearing on Dancing With The Stars starting tonight.  Which, actually, begs a question.  Exactly who on DWTS this season is a “star"?
  • How’s YOUR brackets?  Geez, the national gambling pool known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament took a beating this weekend, didn’t it?  Of course, I was riding Kansas in most of my brackets (all free contests, by the way, thanks)… and they went down in flames against Northern Iowa… NORTHERN IOWA???   Ahem.   It would have been easier to do brackets for the Women’s tournament – at least we know Connecticut is going to win.
  • At least spring weather is here… I’ll definitely take a thunderstorm over a snow storm any time…
  • And with spring weather here, spring sports aren’t far behind.  Of course, we have the Richmond Flying Squirrels starting soon… the good part about the drop to Double A baseball (the 2nd tier of the minors) is the chance to see major league teams’ hottest prospects.  That’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on the Washington Nationals – they have sent their “can’t-miss” pitching prospect, Stephen Strasburg, to Harrisburg.  Harrisburg is in the same league as Richmond, and visits here the first week of June.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and see him in one of his last starts before he gets called up to the major leagues. 
  • Please notice that I’m not mentioning the healthcare debate. 
  • But I do want to close by mentioning that the gang at Random Acts is back on stage this weekend.  They’re giving the concept shows a break… it’s all Mainstage short-form improv shows for at least March and April… and they’re taking the opportunity to bring in guest improvisers each month.  This weekend, it’s former ComedySportz performer Phil Spiegel.  In April, it’s the incredibly-talented TBD (who I think I worked a few wrestling shows with back when I was a ring announcer, but I digress).  Shows are Friday (3/26) and Saturday (3/27) – 7:30pm (all ages) and 9:00pm (mature audiences) both nights.

I think I had more stuff, but I tend to think of it while I’m away from my computer, and I don’t take notes to remind myself… so there may be another one of these “throwing things at the wall” posts soon.

See you on the radio. 🙂


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