American Idol 9 Semifinals: The Cut To Twelve

Here we are… time to cut 4 more singers from the current crop of 16… as we get ready to merge the tribes down to the 12 finalists.

Going into the evening, I think we have three subgroups on the stage…

  • Definitely going places: Crystal, Michael (they may already be at a point where they won’t need a final three or four finish to get a record deal)
  • Might have a chance: Siobhan, Casey
  • Who knows? Everyone else

Which is why I’m not really predicting who’s going to go… just saying that Katie, Lacey, Aaron, and Alex are most likely to be on the outside looking in once Ryan’s done culling the herd… so… am I right?  Or has America gone in another direction… TONIGHT?!

It’s time for the backstage-montage-slash-cold-open… because…

THIS… is American Idol! *cue the music*

Of course, we start with the judges, whose muddled blatherings have led us to this point.  And after a badly-photoshopped joke image of Randy in a bikini (you had to see the show last night)… it’s the group lip-synch to Michael Buble!

This just in… the Twelve will be singing the music of the Rolling Stones.  There is SERIOUS trainwreck potential here…

…for the twelve singers who fill the empty seats on stage.

Ladies first…

  • Didi Benami – is one of the Twelve.
  • Siobhan Magnus – is one of the Twelve.
  • Now we get Paige Miles and Katelyn Epperly, one of whom is done here – Paige is one of the Twelve (VFTW Victory)… Katelyn is leaving.  Mildly surprising, she was in that group that had no margin for error… but I thought she had done enough.  I guess that Coldplay song stuck in people’s memories…

After the post-singoff commercial, we’ll put 3 guys through and send one home…

We get four at once… in the order Ryan reads their synopses… Tim Urban… Todrick Hall… Lee Dewyze… Casey James…

  • Casey is one of the Twelve.  Three left…
  • Tim is one of the Twelve.  VFTW VictoryTwo left…
  • Lee or Todrick?  Lee is one of the Twelve.  Todrick can go pay the kids back now.  Sing your farewell, Todrick, and then make your scams right.

So as we reach the half-hour… VFTW got both of their choices through… Katelyn and Todrick got the boot… and there’s 6 more seats to fill… after a break, and after we hear from Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre doing “Tell Her About It”.

Let’s go back to Nervous Time, with the last 8 semifinalists all waiting for Those Words from Ryan…

  • Crystal Bowersox – Crystal is one of the Twelve.
  • Michael Lynche – Michael is one of the Twelve.  File these last two under duh… 🙂
  • Lacey Brown – Lacey is one of the Twelve.  And one of my guesses goes officially wrong.
  • Aaron Kelly – Aaron is one of the Twelve.  And two of my guesses go officially wrong.

Two guys… two girls… it’s crunch time.

  • Guys first… Alex Lambert or Andrew Garcia?  Andrew is one of the Twelve.  Alex is leaving.  Not a surprise, as noted last night.

So there are just two singers left… and one seat in the Idol Twelve… after the break.

  • Katie Stevens or Lilly Scott?  Katie is the last of the Twelve.  Lilly is leaving.  Wow.  Surprised, I am.  Three of my four guesses go bad.  Then again, I haven’t been able to predict this competition worth a damn… 🙂

We go to the send-off montage while there’s a vale of tears onstage at Television City…

So here we are… Twelve singers.  One competition.  And the music of the Rolling Stones starts the finals next week… Tuesday at 8/7c.  Results Wednesday at 9/8c.  See you then.  The sociopathic Gordon Ramsay is next on Fox.  I’ll be watching college basketball. 🙂


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