American Idol 9 Semifinals: Top 8 Guys

Last night, we saw two groups of singers in the girls’ last semifinal;: those who were confident enough to go out and have fun singing, and those who weren’t confident – and were just hoping to hang on long enough to make the finals.  It’s the guys’ turn now… who’ll sing to win… and who’ll sing to “not lose”… TONIGHT!?

Ah, yes… the glaring spotlights of the pretaped cold open.  It’s time…

THIS… is American Idol! *cue the music*

As with last night, there’s no time to tarry… one hour, 8 singers, and lots of confused and confusing notes from the judges…

Lee Dewyze – “Fireflies”, Owl City – On guitar tonight… and clearly, he’s in the “in it to win” category.  Too bad his voice isn’t carrying the song… OK, I guess, but a bit rough.  Interesting start, for sure.

I went back and listened to the original… I know why this sounded odd to me… no autotune. 🙂  I think Lee will be OK after this…

Alex Lambert – “Trouble”, Ray Lamontagne – On guitar with a song I have never heard of… Not the most imaginative lyrics… 🙂 Sadly, I think this goes in the “forgettable” column… nice, technically sound, but incredibly bland.  Might be problematic for his chances.  Ellen… enough with the damn bananas.  And I have no coherent comment about Simon’s suggestion.

Running scorecard: Lee > Alex

Tim Urban – “Hallelujah”, Jeff Buckley et al – On guitar (I see a theme here)… Interesting… I don’t think this will keep him out of the VFTW voting bloc… not bad, but again, not terrific.  Good, for him… but not great.   I do think it’s enough for survival…

I found a clip of the Jeff Buckley version… Tim’s voice is a bit thinner than Buckley’s was… might have been a bit much for Tim to try, but credit for taking the shot, I suppose…

Running scorecard: Lee > Tim > Alex

Andrew Garcia – “Genie In A Bottle”, Christina Aguilera – OK, let’s see where this goes… yes, he’s on guitar…  catchy concept… felt a little awkward at times, but I like the risk and the execution was solid… he’ll go through…

Running scorecard: Lee > Andrew > Tim > Alex

Casey James – “You’ll Think Of Me”, Keith Urban – Gee, guess what instrument he’s playing… this kind of rockish-country is probably Casey’s niche.  Nice take on the song, I think he’s going through and going far…

Running scorecard: Casey > Lee > Andrew > Tim > Alex

Aaron Kelly – “I’m Already There”, Lonestar – Oh my… no guitar… 🙂 Hmm… I don’t get a sense he really connected with the song… or us… same problem as Katie last night, it’s a song he doesn’t have the life experience to understand.  OK, not my favorite, but he’ll get votes.

Running scorecard: Casey > Lee > Andrew > Aaron > Tim > Alex
(this group is tightly bunched… nobody stands out or falls down right now)

“Pay the kids back, Todrick” Hall – “Somebody To Love”, Queen – He likes to be unpredictable, doesn’t he?   The problem with this song is that you almost HAVE to be over the top… and this week, Todrick wasn’t… but (damnit) he’s still bringing more than most of the performers.  Very good.

Running scorecard: Casey > Lee > Todrick > Andrew > Aaron > Tim > Alex

Michael Lynche – “This Woman’s Work”, Kate Bush, then Maxwell – The favorite among the guys goes in the Pimp Spot?  Wow.   The start was scary, but he got back into his rhythm and gave another solid performance.   Really, Kara?

Pre-montage scorecard: Casey > Michael > Lee > Todrick > Andrew > Aaron > Tim > Alex

As with last night, I’m going to listen to the montage to see if I want to reconsider…  one thing I’m sure of is that (IMHO) none of the guys are ahead of Crystal… Siobhan is right up there with the best of the guys… Casey and Michael are going to contend, but that’s about it…

Post-montage scorecard: Casey > Michael > Lee > Todrick > Andrew > Tim > Aaron > Alex

The big finish…

I can’t predict who’ll get voted off… frankly, the bottom 6 tonight were so tightly bunched that any of them could leave.  I’d send Aaron and Alex home… and I’d expect Tim to go home next week.

Results show tomorrow night at 8/7c.  It’s going to be unpredictable… there are probably 10-12 singers contending downward to be sent home, but only 4 will.  Anything’s possible.  See you then.  Here comes your late local news…

EDIT: Yes, I titled this “American Idol 8” originally… wishful thinking?


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