Stand back, I’m ranting…

The latest affront to rational thinking came late last week from the Justice Minister of the Christian Republic of Virginia… no, wait, I think his title is still “Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia”, but his actions indicate otherwise.

In his far-from-infinite wisdom, High Inquisitioner Ken Cuccinelli has ordered Virginia’s public colleges and universities to remove language from their non-discrimination policies that refers to sexual orientation.


“Natural law”.

For those who aren’t up on their wacko right-wing codewords, “natural law” is their way of saying “God’s law” without actually mentioning God, thus avoiding that whole pesky “church/state separation” thing that gets in the way of these moralist busybodies.

To Comrade Cuccinelli… you didn’t swear, on the steps of the Capitol, to uphold “natural law”.  You swore to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Your decision to place your particular God’s laws above those of the Commonwealth is, by one definition, dereliction of duty.

And it’s so far off the scale that even the right-wing Richmond Times-Dispatch slammed Herr Cuccinelli for his antics, calling them “socially revolting” in an editorial today.

This is, of course, one of the good things about being an atheist.  We understand, and accept, that the universe is slightly bonkers and do our best to go with it… we don’t live our lives in a small box bounded by an angry God who demands that anyone who doesn’t share “his” two-thousand-plus year old opinions should be ostracized.

It is no business of the State who chooses to sleep with whom.  As long as both are adults, and consenting of their own free will, the State needs to leave them alone.  The fact that Ayatollah Cuccinelli is personally squicked out by the existence of gays and lesbians does not give him the right to issue a fatwa against them.

Someday, our politicians will figure this obvious fact out.  Please, spend more time fixing our economy and less time snooping in our bedrooms.

Of course, these things do tend to rebound… it’s my hope that some day Cucinelli is discovered in a flophouse near 5th and Broad with an 18-year-old gay male prostitute named “Sparkles”.  Isn’t it always the way that the moralists with a stick up their ass tend to be found with something else up their ass?

Think I’m kidding?  I’m not… a friend of mine found this on the BBC website… the story of a right-wing anti-gay legislator who’s leaving political office because… um… yeah, he’s gay.  And how’d we find out he was gay?  DWI after spending a night at a gay bar.  OK, so it wasn’t “Sparkles”, that we know of… 🙂

Someday, our descendants are going to look back on our societal fear of our neighbors’ sleeping arrangements the way we (like to think we) look back on our societal fear of differing skin colors.   Sadly, I’ll probably be long dead and buried before society gets that far.

OK, the rant’s over.  Back to somewhat less politically charged blogging later… 🙂

P.S. Did Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) actually have to come out of the closet?  I mean… did anyone think he was in the closet?


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