American Idol 9 Semifinals: Top 8 Girls

A quick pre-show note: AI3 finalist, and Grammy/Oscar winner, Jennifer Hudson will be singing “One Shining Moment”  at the conclusion of the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on CBS.  The “One Shining Moment” tournament highlight montage is to the Final Four what a great post-credit gag is to a good movie.  This makes it just a little better… 🙂  And now, back to our regularly-scheduled blog…

Here we go… this week, Idol eliminates 4 more singers, and we get down to the serious business of the final rounds next Tuesday.  So tonight’s one-hour sprint really does mean something… making the finals, even if you are eliminated next week, increases your chances of having a post-Idol career… so, let’s get down to it… who’ll rise… and who’ll fall… TONIGHT!?

THIS… is American Idol! *Hit the music*

It’s Ladies’ Night (says Ryan in the cold open), and we’re off… we open with Ryan in Ellen’s seat on the judges’ dais, and Ellen in Simon’s lap (egad!)… with just the one hour, we jump right into the music…

Katie Stevens –“Breakaway”, Kelly Clarkson – clearly, she’s taking the advice to sing something more current… unfortunately, she’s not doing a great job with it.   She’s all over the place musically, and taking the meaning out of the song.  Add that to going first… she’s in trouble now.

I’m bringing back the running scorecard starting tonight… I’ll rank my feelings about the current order after each performer.  Of course, you can’t do that after one song… 🙂

Siobhan Magnus – “House Of The Rising Sun”, Animals – OK, that’s NOT a “more current” song… but you know what… I really liked this arrangement, and her voice suits it quite well.  Only the second or third “WOW” moment this season, and I think she just shoved herself to the front of the pack… NICE. 🙂

Running scorecard: Siobhan > Katie

Lacey Brown – “The Story”, Brandi Carlile – Pretty song.  She sung it nicely, and it sort-of connected, but something was just short of right here.  She did pick up her game tonight, though, which she needed.

Running scorecard: Siobhan > Lacey > Katie

Hey, I just noticed… they tossed the B-rolls overboard tonight to make room for actual singing… good idea, keep it up, Fox! 🙂

Katelyn Epperly – “I Feel The Earth Move”, Carole King – She’s on keyboard for this… coming off last week’s kind-of-flat performance, she needed this.  I like the song anyway, and this rendition was terrific.  Good job!

Running scorecard: Siobhan > Katelyn > Lacey > Katie

Didi Benami – “Rhiannon”, Fleetwood Mac – She’s on guitar, singing Stevie Nicks… well… interesting take on the song, but like Lacey, she came up just short.  OK, but I think she could have found something better…

Running scorecard: Siobhan > Katelyn > Didi > Lacey > Katie

Paige Miles – “Smile”, Natalie Cole, Michael Jackson, et al – This is as not-current as you get (1936???)… however, she found something in it… and gave it a solid performance.  I think it was enough to keep her around.  Clearly, the judges disagree and I fear that might influence the vote.

Running scorecard: Siobhan > Katelyn > Didi > Paige > Lacey > Katie

The two most unique voices among the ladies are next… we have the potential to finish strong… or wrong… there probably won’t be a middle ground…

Crystal Bowersox – “Give Me One Reason”, Tracy Chapman – On the electric guitar… You get the sense she’s lived this song… it’s just one reason to keep her around.  Far and away the best performer of the bunch… she scored again.  I’ll say it – one dreadlocked bluesy singer covering another… talk about appropriate song choice… 🙂

Running scorecard: Crystal > Siobhan > Katelyn > Didi > Paige > Lacey > Katie

Lilly Scott – “I Fall To Pieces”, Patsy Cline – On mandolin… bad enough she had to follow Crystal… but this doesn’t even sound like her… this is NOT the last impression you want to leave… gutsy choice… but she missed on it.

Final scorecard: Crystal > Siobhan > Katelyn > Lilly > Didi > Paige > Lacey > Katie

The Big Finish:

I listened to the montage this week to see if I wanted to revise the scorecard… but no, I’m good with it… I’d vote for Crystal, and I’d send Lacey and Katie home.   Paige might be eliminated if Lacey or Katie have enough of a fan base…

The guys are up at 9/8c tomorrow night… a Glee rerun is next (which I won’t be watching, because I flunked out of glee club in elementary school)…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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