American Idol 9 Semifinals: Second Elimination

Live on DVR as I had to work tonight… and yes, I stayed off the Internet so I wouldn’t know what was coming… I’m seeing this for the first time as I type… I promise… 🙂

We’ve had illness, bad singing, inconsistent judging, another cheesy cold open montage, and Simon’s “misunderestimation”… yes, 4 singers go home… TONIGHT?!

THIS… is American Idol! *hit the music*

27 million votes last night… plus we’re treated (?) to a Danny Gokey performance… and we get to meet the (self-centered and increasingly annoying) judges…

“I Got A Feeling” it’s time for the lip-synched group song…

While they sing this… I’m going to look and see whose careers I saved by requesting their elimination last night… 🙂 right, it was Alex, Jermaine, Haeley, and Katelyn (and I’m becoming certain that I got that one wrong, based on the raves Katelyn got across the interwebs last night)…

Oh, goody, commercial time.  Since this is DVR, it’s fast-forward time.  Yay.

We’re back… the guys are on the chopping block first… dim the lights for the first group of 5…

  • Tim Urban – safe
  • “Fraudrick” Hall – may not be safe, asked to wait
  • Michael Lynche – safe
  • Casey James – safe
  • So the first elimination is either “Fraudrick” or John Park (ensuring I get at least one wrong already) – John is leaving… “Fraudrick” stays… pay the kids back, Todrick.

Not really a surprise, John probably shouldn’t have gotten this far.  So while he sings himself off, I’ll look back on my fond memories… oh, wait, there weren’t any… and his sing-off was as bland as his two competitive performances.  Another guy goes home after I hit fast-forward.

The second group of 5 guys is about to receive their grades…

  • Lee Dewyze – safe
  • Aaron Kelly – safe (after Ryan’s old-age joke on Simon)
  • Alex Lambert – safe
  • The second elimination is Jermaine Sellers or Andrew Garcia – Andrew is safe… Jermaine is going home… and I finally get one right.  Then again, this was too easy… 🙂

Ryan’s got a point, although Jermaine disagrees.  Jermaine’s attitude, I’m sure, got him voted off – it was certainly on display here.  For that matter, so did his complete lack of understanding of the song he chose to sing and his unwillingness to stretch his style.  I do enjoy the irony that Jermaine’s invoking God over and over just before Danny Gokey’s scheduled performance.  And the one-time church singer (Gokey, that is) is up after I fast-forward…

It’s Gokey’s new single, “My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me”.  Catchy, and I can’t wait for VFTW to savage it. :)  Good move by Danny to book himself on Ellen’s show with the whole world watching… but, of course, Danny can’t stop himself from bringing up his late wife… sheesh… we go back to eliminating singers after another fast-forward…

Back, and let’s get 5 nervous girls standing for the firing squad…

  • Lilly Scott – safe, and deservedly so
  • Paige Miles – safe
  • Katie Stevens – safe
  • The first elimination will be Didi Benami or Michelle Delamor (so I’ll be wrong again) – Didi is safe… Michelle’s going home

…and that’s despite what I thought was a good performance of a not-so-great song (I mean, doesn’t everyone hate Creed by now?).  Classy exit (especially compared to Jermaine’s), and I think she’ll land with a contract down the road… good job on the sing-off… another elimination after the FF button…

And we’re back to send off the 4th eliminated contestant…

  • Katelyn Epperly – safe
  • Crystal Bowersox – OF COURSE “Mamasox” is safe…
  • Siobhan Magnus – the glory note saved her…
  • So we’re losing either Haeley Vaughn or Lacey Brown (no surprise that they’re here) – Haeley is going home… Lacey is safe… and I got two out of four this week… I’m improving, too… 🙂

Roll the “farewell” montage… as the stage manager goes nuts thinking that Ryan had forgotten it… does she get paid AFTRA scale because her voice was heard (and one forearm seen in SD) on-air? 🙂

And Haeley’s “Climb” ends here with the sing-off…  she’s understandably REALLY off-key, it’s hard to sing while holding back tears… 🙂

Schedule for next week: Top 8 guys Tuesday at 8/7c, Top 8 girls Wednesday at 9/8c (Human Target goes first), the semifinals end with 4 more eliminations Thursday at 8/7c.

Fortunately, I somehow managed to forget to record the loathsome Gordon Ramsey… see you Tuesday night… 🙂


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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